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This particular area of activities from the intelligence communities totally fascinate me - although i don't know much about it yet. The Russians always seem to be more "avantguarde" than us, and they're very bright and practical. So obviously, if they've been into remote viewing for a long time, there must have been good intelligence coming out of it. Altough i still have my doubts about RV... seems so "out of this world"... Max
I totally agree, proper system definition, implementation, and fine tuning is the way to go. We're living in this information overload age where there's so much information, so much communications through all types of devices etc, that analyst are not only overwelmed with leads and wasting resources, but it may mean learning about a attack, for example, too late to prevent it.
This is a very delicate and complex question. Hidden cameras and the like, when used correctly, are usually a good thing. But some of the people in power want to take it too far really.