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I meant Maybe the bad Muslims just AREN'T bad enough.
To be entirely semantically correct, I think it should be "The only good Muslim is a bad person". Thankfully there are still many bad Muslims out there, but unfortunately they still don't seem to be enough to stop the good Muslims from stealing from, raping and murdering the rest of us. Maybe the bad Muslims just are bad enough.
I have a better idea--voters should need to pass a substantial general knowledge test in order to register to vote. Questions ranging from economics, to geography, to law and governance. Can't pass, can't vote. That way the young political analyst Ryan Mauro can vote, but likely not quite a few elected semi-literate politicians. Where am I at fault, lefties? And don't give me some dated meme about literacy tests denying African Americans the vote. That's an insult to African American of today, as well as a fear of human potential to improve on a legitimate process.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2010 on Raise the Voting Age at Atlas Shrugs
Idea: Do it yourself stickers of the Mo Toons. Stick them everywhere. Here's the ink jet sticker paper:
Sounds like Floridians are paying the 'ol jizya tax on infidels. Stupid is as stupid does, as long as people keeps islamoignorant of islamofascists.