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I was surprised to see Orlando mass shooting blamed on... Donald Trump. This is a blog by a US obstetrician that I read because of important information on pregnancy, birth, infant nutrition and vaccination. Unfortunately, the author is a leftist and whenever decides to foray into politics, the result is perplexing.
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I am a secularist and a member of a secularist culture. However, I cannot understand why some other alleged secularists are so Islamophilic. To me, this is inconsistency.
Mr. Roof, however, had made whatever he could to become and remain poor. He dropped out of high school, stayed unemployed and developed a drug problem. There were indeed other factors out of his control (growing up in a broken home, having a non-standard name), but nevertheless, it can be said that Dyllan Roof was the architect of his own failure.
Someone commented that "unfortunately, inner city kids don't get the best teachers". This teacher is a round fool, as we say. If Shakespeare (in translation) was good enough for my obscure Eastern European country, it must be good enough for Americans as well. In particular, I suppose that black students could make a great discussion on Othello. It would be nice to include authors from different cultures and races, but I'd be interested to hear this teacher's suggestions for black authors. I've read (voluntarily) Schwarz-Bart's Ti Jean l'Horizon and enjoyed it, but it is only for kids interested in legends and fantasy; it's hardly fit for school. Toni Morrison is IMHO even less suitable. For her masterpiece Beloved, professional literary critics cannot come to a consensus what exactly is happening in the plot. Now, Hirsi Ali's Infidel comes to mind. I know that some US teachers have included it, but I have a suspicion that this particular teacher wouldn't :-).
Gandhi could preach and act non-violently thanks to the British rule. As soon as the British packed and left, Gandhi was assassinated.
Interest should not be taxed regardless of the income, because taxing interest punishes prudent behavior (i.e. saving) and implicitly recommends imprudent behavior (i.e. spending beyond one's means).
Toggle Commented May 23, 2015 on Warren Buffett and the Poor at I Want a New Left
Actually, the Left - at least, the European Left - did support the Nazis, up to the very moment when Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union.
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Apr 19, 2015