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Mom fighting for justice
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Their journey has been so amazing, so miraculous, it boggles the mind. THIS is why films should be made.
That is one cool pic! Can't wait for the People magazine.
Susan, Jessie could've confessed to anything but that doesn't make it so. YOU NEED EVIDENCE! Until you have evidence or motive or FACTS. You have nothing. It is extremely hard for someone who doesn't understand the psychology of false confessions to grasp that a scared (borderline mentally challenged) teen boy could give a false confession (without a parent consenting or being present so also illegally). If you can believe his confession, well then it isn't a stretch to believe the BS case against them. Check out Google false confessions. Did you know like a quarter of all DNA exonerated cases the convicted gave incriminating statements/confessions? "Under the right conditions even you could falsely confess to a crime"
It is great reading these articles written by Dan and Brent and Mara. I have written Mr. Turvey too, another hero of mine. I think it should be stated again and again that the people who have fought the hardest and given their time to this case, to this cause, to the 3, have done so without compensation. It is really overwhelming when you think about it. Thousands upon thousands of people who took a stand, lent their voice/expertise with really only one concern in mind, to see justice served. Justice for three poor kids we never heard of from a town we never heard of for a crime that broke our hearts.
My favourite shirt yet. Website and release Date. Awesome!
I agree, wonderful interview. I have written Judge Stidham, he is a personal hero of mine. This case has so many, it is ridiculous. Really, what other convicted men have ever had the biggest directors, actors, musicians in the world, coupled with literally thousands of individuals who fight and a huge team of heroes like Dan? AND EVEN WITH ALL THOSE HEROES (and millions of dollars from all the above) ..... it took 18 years!!! This was such a colossal failure that unfortunately isn't isolated. The system is so terrible flawed. It shouldn't be so hard to prove your innocence. Excuse me, it shouldn't be so hard to GET A CHANCE to prove your innocence. Further, is there any way of prosecuting a judge or former judge for ass backwards decisions they made in 93? Or subsequent appeals over the years? I would really be interested to know. I know Jessie Lawyer filled something against Burnett back in Feb, but I was wondering what chances there are to see some of these criminals (in my opinion) pay for their past misdeeds.
We are all innocent until proven guilty and sometimes even still then. RIP sweet boys.
Don't waste time with messages for us. Keep smiling and enjoying life.
Thanks to Burk and all of you! Chris W and the heroes that have helped keep the candle burning for justice. Deep down I guess thats why many of us are here. Not just to see the wm3 freed, but to actually find justice for the victims. The three little boys that the State of Arkansas seems to forget were horrifically murdered and like the 3 never given a fair chance at justice. I am proud to be a supporter to be associated with all of you, I am humbled when reading of the last 18 yrs toll on Damiens health, but my resolve is strengthened when I get to read the exact same sentiments I feel so strongly, ie, the essay by Sir Peter Jackson and this message from Burk Sauls or whenever Dennis Riordan speaks it seems. The State thought this Alford Plea would shut us up and make us go away, it just gave us more steam. I want justice for the WM3, for Stevie, Michael and Christopher. We're not going anywhere. The truth, justice and honour are on our side... these criminals have the chance to get on the right side of history. Their chickens are coming home to roost and they can either make things right, or damn near bankrupt the state. Which would be a pity, because it wasn't the good people of Arkansas's fault their senators, governors, DAs, police chiefs, and investigators were corrupt. But like all houses of cards, once one goes they all fall down ( I am secretly waiting for one of WMPD's finest to lay down his guilt and expose this thing WIDE open). I pray for the victims families daily. I hope that they finally get the justice they were denied 18 years ago. Your boys were beautiful young spirits and now they are glorious angels. We may differ in opinion somewhat, but I hope we can all agree that we fight for your boys. We want to find who did this to your boys and we want to punish them and those who helped them get away 18 years ago and still to this day.
Unfortunately, at this point in time under the law, Burnett is right. The 3 are convicted murderers. I said I would fight until they are free, but it seems we have ALOT more work to do. The need COMPLETE exoneration. I would hope the state pursues the REAL murderer(s). The "cleaner ending" he speaks of is perhaps Damien being executed; to me it seems that Burnett wants to wash his hands of this whole house of cards he helped to build. Too bad blood doesn't wash off that easily. I don't know who really murdered those innocent little boys, but I sure as hell know who helped cover it up and send three kids to prison all the while preventing any chance of REAL justice for the 3 or for the three angels whom this case is truly about.
Well it's about time! So happy to see this day finally come! I wrote Jason the day I found out about the new hearing and I had thought this process would be long and arduous. But I am so glad everyone was spared that with this plea deal. I am hopeful for the future for these men and the inspiring lives they will no doubt lead. Enjoy your freedom gentlemen, it should never have been taken from you in the first place.
My feelings on Pam Hobbs having that horrible feeling because she was a mom with intuition. The bond between mother and child can be the strongest in all of nature and I don't doubt for a minute that she could've just had a terrible feeling and in her heart knew the worst. It was telling that Burnett didn't want to talk UNLESS the prosecutors were talking. Something screwy has been going on surrounding the entire investigation, the trials and I think the flimsy house of cards is about to fall right in on all of them.
Thanks for posting that David. What I find so unbelievable about this case is the amount of effing liars! I can understand wanting some reward money, or being shaken down by the police, threatened etc (I know this because my brothers biological father served 4 yrs for a murder he didn't commit due to what was proven to be police "misconduct"). I can even understand wanting to catch the bastard(s) that did this so badly, you lose sight of how important it is to be fair and balanced. What troubles me that at every turn there has been this lack of fairness for these teenaged boys (and consequently the grieving loved ones of the 8 yr old victims). I wonder (especially given my experience with my bros dad) if police are even really trained to find the murderer. Or just work to piece together a motive, lack of alibi and some flimsy evidence to appease our need to find justice. I hope this is not the case.
LOL me too! I am feel confident in the Honorable Laser. Let's hope he can be the pointer to justice (sorry couldn't resist).
I sure hope you're right about being sooner CR. I would love to come down to Arkansas support the boys. Have my own little vigil. Not just to free the boys but also to find justice for the three little boys.
Not much longer now! Hopefully the hearing is scheduled soon.
absolutely beautiful clips. That song, "Rise Up" will be in my head for a long time, "throw down our ace in the hole" powerful.
Well then I guess our next job after freeing the three is to put the heat and attention on the State of Arkansas so there is justice for Chris, Stevie and Mike. I seriously hope the State has enough evidence and enough respect for both sets of boys and their families to pursue this. Hopefully they will look at the cost of the trials, appeals, the costs of imprisoning the WM3 for 17 years and perhaps they could look at the paltry sum in comparison of reopening the investigation and imprisoning the actual perpetrator(s).
Well not unless the real murderer's are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I hope the State of Arkansas pursues the investigation.
ahem (judges included) better?
This is where I am confused. If the evidence can establish that the 3 would've been found innocent by a reasonable jury. Then wouldn't they be freed right then and there? Unless the police had sufficient evidence to charge them with the crime again... which is unlikely. I am just wondering if a retrial is even necessary if the PHYSICAL evidence can exclude them beyond a reasonable doubt. Then couldn't they be freed far sooner?