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Not surprised the Ford trucks didn't even make the list. My 1999 GMC Sierra is a better truck 15 years old than a new 2014 F150. With GM you get quality and durability, with Ford trucks you get to meet firefighters;
Hey Gay Mike, that's your wife and daughters that are so ugly!
Whoop Te Do! Ram fail! We rented a full size 8 cyl. DoD Chevy Suburban in Las Vegas last year and got 22 mpg with gasoline engine. Poor figures for ram, should have averaged that with 8 cyl, disappointing results.
Ford and GM still dominate with ram staying just ahead of the Tundra which will pass ram for the 3rd hottest truck later this year. GM inch's closer to ford, gotta make the ford sissies pretty worried GM is only 6k trucks behind them. Right now the 2 best trucks in the world are the Fords and Chevy/GMC's with no one close to the quality and capability.
So ford thinks it will last a week, one week? Wow, what could you do in a week to see if the new f-150 will last as long as a Chevy or GMC pick up. Been testing my GMC for 15 years now and it is still better than any brand new f-150 with no miles on it.
Most women are attracted to gay men so I would tend to believe that is why they like ford men in black trucks, aka The Village People.
Sissy trucks.
Ford really dropped the ball on this innovation. Those tht think aluminum doesn't rust are ignorant. Aluminum gets white rust, it oxidizes and deteriorates if not removed. It won't be visible and will happen in every state since all you need it water to affect it unlike salt corrosion on steel. This truck will be a money pit a few years after someone buys it.
Congrats again Chevy for having the best pick up truck in the world 40 tears running. It's a shame there was little competition but at least with little education and limited knowledge of pick up trucks will grab about the Ram and F150. Ford is so worried it copied the exact design the new Tundra has, as if to confuse the Jethro Bodines that drive fords. They didn't have to do that, they stay confused. Will be funny to see the 2015 f150 stories about how the owner went to bed and woke up in the morning to find metal thieves strip the truck down to its scivies!
Btw, is it true Ford motor company bought
The real experts got it right, Ford fails:
Doesn't look any different than the present 1/2 ton. You also need to back up the statement "best selling 1/2 ton" with actual figures breaking down sale, not just throw in 'f series", leave much less credible. I also agree is trying to sell fords over other makes by gratuitous promotion. Other vehicle reviewers aren't kissing fords ass like is because of the use of aluminum, a commodity that fluctuates in price and is sought after by the Chinese making it a huge financial risk. I worked many years with aluminum in machining and it is very sensitive to temperature becoming brittle in cold and expanding greatly in heat. Wait and see, it can also rust that is called white at least the fords will keep on rusting.
Not surprising, best truck built last 40 years. I'm surprised they compared it to 2 pos's, the Lamb and Junkdra, easy win, and ford was to scared to even show up.
Congrats to GM for being the true sales leader 17 years, keep doctoring the figures, the ford girlies fall for it:
"Fred the Girl" of course it doesn't pertain to you, you can never afford a new truck or a quality truck. Stick to your old rams and fords from Buy here Pay here joints.
13 mpg in the city, poorest quality vehicle on the market, cam shaft explosions, rotted frames, rotted spare tire brackets, failed tail gates, bed flex, oil sludge issues...just to name a few. How did they sell a million in just 15 years? Must be the same 75K idiots buying them each year. Still the ugliest least capable pick up on the side of the road.
Ok, Chevy is the best truck, proven beyond a shadow of a doubt (at least with intelligent truck buyers). But yes, the cost is way too high and everyone knows brand loyalty trumps being a better truck. People continue to buy the Tundra, a junk truck with no redeeming qualities. The ford girls won't admit they know GM trucks are better. The the difference between the trucks will always be loyalty. I won't need a new truck for years. My 99 GMC is a better truck at 14 years old than a brand new Ram. It would be nice if the 2014's still cost what the 99's did.
Hey Homo, is that you Frank?
How many spare transmissions did the Ram have to carry to make it through this pull comparison? Hope the Ford got better than 7mpg.
16 fords in 86 years of driving? Shame he wasted all that money on something that would only last 5 years. Should have bought Chevy trucks, then he would only need 3 pick ups in 86 years.
Yawn! A little less ugly, same fail, 13 mpg in a "truck" that is 25 years behind the Big 3's. They will attract the idiot buyer but will not get an educated driver to waste money on something so weak and worthless.
Hank, we all know your ride is a moped, I hear they call you moped Hank around the homeless encampment. Maybe one day you will get lucky and find a lost winning Powerball ticket. Then you can tell all those critics who said after you dropped out of the 3rd grade and got your 15th DUI arrest they were wrong, you are not only a loser but a loser with a winning lotto ticket.
Thanks frank for showing once again you are the least educated, most clueless troll, with the poorest knowledge of pick up trucks in these forums. But then again, ford counts on uneducated dumbazzes like you to buy their junk.
About time ford caught up to GM & Chrysler on the CNG pick ups, it's a shame they only have one as shown in the picture. I got to see some of GM's CNG's 5 years ago when they had a media event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, they impressed everyone. While ford is last with technology at least they are trying to play catch up.
Sorry to hear that, Consumer Reports is the most unreliable poorly ran rag on the market. Not what Ram needed, it is as bad as being endorsed by Rush Limbag as he pops his pills.