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Powerless poor cameroonians
Hello Rexon, Mk the S, Akoson,Joe,Wizard, Shalom and others still to write. I feel bad reading what you have written above.Why con`t we see how bad the situation in cameroon is. Don`t you see that the gov`t has taken power from the people(The Poor). Do we think it is easy to have 500,000 or 100,000 CFA in cameroon? Is it the SDF to pay these money or the individual from the Poor Masses?. History tells us that the voting power of Europeans, years back were in the hands of those who had wealth. Is this not the case in Cameroon. Should NJFN and the SDF pay for the Poor who are suffering and want a change? Or do you think the masses have refused to run for the post due to NJFN? Why can we NOT see that Mrs Monjo is just telling us the reality of the state of things in cameroon as far as the level of poverty is? The gov`t has made it very hard for the poor masses to get in to places that, Chenge could be made. Some will say NJFN has sent way all able peopl in the SDF. Why can those people that are able not pay the money since it is at the grassroot level? Will NJFD sent them too a way? Wait and see the voting power of Powerless Cameroon come presidential election.At this level not much money is needed per say and fewer people are invole, then can we talk of NJFN and SDF. Please can we see the state of poverty on us from Mrs Monju`s statistics? From the above information,the North west is doing well if we can still have many people that are able to have the needed amout. Poor cameroonians.Can we stop and think for a moment? Thanks to all.