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Pipou, I was privileged to have been taught by Prof Chia, on the outskirts of Aghem: anyone who knows this soft-spoken, meticulous steel-biter, will not be surprised that he has taken the Yaounde Gang head-on. As a philosopher, he is simply obsessed with the root of what is anathema in Yaounde -- TRUTH -- and it will require more than a kangaroo court to make him blink. One of the most exciting topics he taught us dealt with the Ontological Question. Reading this into the charge against him, one can conclude that Prof Chia is concerned this time with arguments that prove the existence of, yes, Cameroon.
A bit of commonsense will prove that there is something fishy in the fact that CPDM is the one to complain about SDF poor representation in the Bali Constituency. In fact, one would expect 'C' to seize the opportunity and campaign against 'S' in Bawock on the strength of this 'neglect,' and not the reverse! What does 'C' stand to benefit, if 'S' had a candidate from Bawock, apart from the fact that calling from the 'S' list to be disqualified will hand over the Constituency to 'C' without a contest? Besides, what authenticates a person's place of origin: the Fon's purportedly written statement to the contrary, or the contested person's presence in court? Talk of transparency? Even murky waters can be transparent, depending on the looking-glass that one holds against the image...
Contri Pipou, Why we be surprised? We don witness this same display of big neck and bad heart for several places, plenty, plenty times, all over the North West Province in particular, provoked by political and intellectual Johnny-Just-Come them. The matter be a bit notorious for Santa Sub-Division, and now yi di spread like cancer.Territorial integrity, even for family level, na matter wey no man get to take'am lightly. Santa and Bali Sub-Divisions them na the latest for fall victim to this kind "mbaghelem" wey we elite for quotes di play for we, year in year out. The problem with the Bali/Bawock whahalla, the way I see'am, na say Old Timer opportunists them di sneak for background, the very Old Timers wey specialise for cause confusion in order for snatch your yam. Na them, go up come down, wey di cause this headache, na them di pull the strings of New Deal power, even from the shadows, and when time for heart-to-heart tori reach, them go weave lengthy tortoise Arabian Nights Entertainment for we ear: only problem na say them di forget say today, Sense-pass-King no dey again, because Truth go always surface, you no fit hide'am again! I di beg Mbe for Bali and Bawock, make them no allow these selfish detractors them for succeed; make them know say even brother them di fight against each other, but fight between brother and brother na with elbow, no be with fist. The Old Timers them from outside go urge you for use fists and even "cha-voom" so that they go easily appropriate (yes, na the word that, appropriate) more territory if no be for ghost political capital, then for their ranch. God forbid.