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Firefly & Babylon 5
I prefer Roku to all of my Netflix devices. Roku 2 is instantly ready to start streaming and only uses 2 watts of power. The PS3 and XBOX 360 takes too long to start up and begin streaming.
1. Rent games to give me a reason to quit Blockbuster movie pass. I also have the $20/mo Netflix sub. 2. Fix the Netflix Xbox 360 interface to allow FF/RW like it was. Now when you FF through a movie you cannot easily see what frame you are on, only what position. Makes it difficult to skip through anime/tv introductions. 3. Find a way to speed up the startup times of the iOS/Android interface. It takes up to 5 minutes to select my show to watch. This is on an iPad 2 and Galaxy S phone with both on WIFI. 4. Stop re-arranging my instant queue every few days. 5. Don't list shows in the recent or rental area when I watch less than 5 minutes of a show. Most of the netflix apps do a preview now that starts the show and lists it as watched. 6. Stream new TV shows. I would pay a premium for this feature so that I can quit my cable TV. I will continue to stay with Netflix. For the price it's a great service. They have worked very hard to make it a great product for the user. If you don't think so, check out Blockbuster online, Comcast online, Dish Network online. They don't even come close to Netflix!
Firefly Babylon 5 Star Trek I would pay a per season fee of $20-$50 for each series to bring them back. I would also consider signing a 1 year commitment contract to help pay for a series while a studio gathers funding for the show. If during that 1 year they are able to obtain enough funding then I would be obligated to pay XX dollars for the show.