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Querdenker, I'm sure there are enough real failures for which to blame FEMA and the feds without having to participate in passing along rumors and unsubstantiated assertions by news organizations - yes, there are such things as "media/blog urban legends", and, as a previous poster points out, "the USS Bataan sitting idle in the Gulf" is one of them. I might also gently suggest that one read a little more deeply into the precedents, whys and wherefores of Posse Comitatus before expatiating so authoritatively on its stipulations. That "it was clear from the start that Louisiana and Mississippi would never be able to cope with this disaster alone" is a strawman. Nobody was expecting the afflicted states to deal with this disaster on their own. What everyone (rightly) expects is for local government to fulfill their own primary response duties. Mississippi did, Lousiana did not. There were no doubt logistical screw-ups at the federal level (don't know why one would expect otherwise from a monstrous boondoggle like Homeland Security), but, contrary to the apparent popular belief, there are no magic large-scale teleportation devices in Washington for instantaneous delivery of relief. And you can't have it both ways. If "the military should have been in charge from Day 1" because it was an "announced" disaster, then you cannot blithely let Nagin off the hook because Katrina was "only" a Cat 3 up to 24 hours before landfall. (Cat 3s trigger evacuations elsewhere, places a hell of a lot less vulnerable than NO.) Officials in Lousiana can access NOAA and NHC forecasting as well as anyone else in the nation.