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V Such an amazing book! I rank it as one of the top lifestyle books I've read in recent memory. Written with right between the eyes gusto; it's sure to be the difference that makes a difference for anyone who gives it a diligent read. Have an amazing Thanksgiving. M
Great read! I especially love the point about serving the employee. I have long held two beliefs that relate to this point. 1. Businesses and organizations are built to serve the people that serve it. 2. Happy team members are more productive. You get number one right and the rest of the points in your post happen nearly by default. Have a compelling day. M
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Mar 15, 2010
I agree with Rich - that first one is powerful and should be the guide for all us. Thank you for sharing the list...
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I have always believed that organizations are put in place to serve the people that serve it. If leaders operated from this mantra everything else would fall into place.
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Great post - I admire the attempt as I think this is an area that keeps companies on the sidelines. Especially the larger ones. The old mantra, if you can't measure it don't use it, really holds true in a lot of organizations. I think the only thing I would think about adding is a consumer feedback metric. In other words if a company goes so far as to monitor, engage, take feedback and act they will by default have a result. That result, positive or negative is the end game and should have weight in the overall score. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for the great content. M
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