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Funny story right? UB should learn from Douala's experience. In UB, torturing and abusing student's rights, walking on lecturer's dignity are common practices. The HOD of Physics, Dr. Nkemzi, who claims himself a pastor, is a typical model of UB administrator known for their abominable practices. He can decide who deserves graduation, he blocks defense of master thesis in his department or can suspend students from the postgraduate at the middle of the program without fear of some query from hierarchy. The current batch of master in physics could not defended because he decided so. None of the students he was assigned to supervise since 3 years has defended, and no boby asks why this situation or what these students finally became. Hypocrisy is every where in the University of Buea, unfortunately anglophone students are the majority and consequently the ones suffering...from those who were supposed to protect them. sad situation
Fake pastors are invading Cameroon thanks to poverty. Today, u just need to claim you are a pastor all will go smooth. Another fake pastor was arrested today in idenau with 13 children aged 1-13. He and his pseudo wife claim they were taking them to Nigeria to save their life from wishmen ( Another pastor died in gabon trying to walk on see surface like jesus. In general many of those fake pastors are actully serial killers, they hide their true nature behind that title to commit worst crimes. In UB most lecturers who claim themselves pastors or god's sons are worst than ever. Interestingly, only in anglophone provinces all those "sons of god" are met. Curious... Remember Jesus word: after me, many will come claiming that they can do miracles. Jesus clearly said he was the last messy, dont get fulled. Even the devil can achieve miracle through human being. Keep awake and careful, we have only one life, and god is watching everyone. I am not a pastor, I cannot claim to save life, I am a humble believer. Who ever is victim of the devil can be saved with prayer. Call you family, call friends, call those who really love you, pray with them. Call a pastor to pray with you, dont expect a miracle from those miracle dealers. Watch around, most of them drive at least a car if not a a pour country like cameroon, we all know how peoples do to own a car. where do all that money come from? From christian feymania, of course. On the net you learn all. They have learned how to brainwash peoples and know who is vulnerable.