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Good photographer and he saw a lot of combat! Joe Galloway liked his work, that is praise in itself. Off topic but as shown in your photo above - when do we get rid of the legacy of the M79. Like millions of others, I loved the 79 back in the day in Vietnam. But its resurrection as the M203 and the soon to be M320 has passed its time. That was 40 plus years ago, change is needed. We need to go back to simple rifle grenades for indirect fires that are available immediately for an infantry squad. It should be usable by all infantrymen and not just by designated grenadiers. It should be usable on any and all M16s and M4s or their follow-ons. It should use a standard ball round instead of special propellant round. It should not require special adaptors or sights to be mounted on the rifle.
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Jul 12, 2012