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I agree with Mike, a portion of the fan base is gonna be mad no matter what we do. The plus is that all 3 goalies in question ARE good in their own ways. Its not like the problem is a lack of skill. Whoever gets traded/waived/sent down/whatever, I wish them luck and/or a great career. IF it comes down to letting one of them go, it pains me to say it, but I can see us letting Leights go.
I would be surprised if we used Leights as trade bait. He has done more than enough to prove himself as worthy of a spot. Those of us who were Flyers fans BEFORE the Boston Miracle series can attest to that.
The Mike Richards eastern conference finals goal against le Habs. That moment will be in my mind forever
Julius, don't get me wrong, we appreciate what you've done, but we're not lookin to hear your life story. Come on now.
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Nov 23, 2010