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It is so difficult to age and have our parents age as well. Mami died 3.5 years ago and I still reach out to call her. Papi will be 91 at the end of this month and though he tried for over a year he almost died of loneliness and heart break that first year after Mami died. There are 5 of us and we all work, so after trying, Papi is in a wonderful Lutheran first level memory care facility where he is loved, cared for and SAFE. It is so NOT what we were taught, but it is as close to a HOTEL as you can get and I thank God every day for guiding us there. ( ay, este pais.... as Mami would say) He is doing so well, his mind is still pretty good and if he repeats the same news a few times, I am just glad that he can remember that there is news. I am very far away and It is very difficult to be so far away. Luckily, my siblings all work together to be with Papi and care for him every day. Abuelo, Mami's Papi lived with us til the end, my whole life, and though I was 16 when he died, I still miss him. I am 56. He was senile, and we had only been in the US a short time and it was tough, but somehow we managed as a family and I do not remember it as a burden, it was an act of love. My mother lived with her dad her entire life until he died. When my parents married, my grandfather who was widowed told my dad he would move out so my Mom would not need to move and my dad told him he was welcome to stay always and so he did. Those are the values we were raised with and that are so hard to fulfill in this culture. Neither culture has prepared us for becoming our parent's parents and not being la hija de anyone any more. Much love to you, Marta. There is a lot of us in this boat. Let the tears flow, my friend, it is cleansing and relieves the soul.
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Luza, muchas felicidades por su cumpleaños, espero que disfrute mucho de su familia y de la gran fiesta que le han preparado. Ud esta muy linda y que Dios la ampare siempre. De otra cubana desde Buffalo New York Maria Cecilia Arza Solaun
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I would have a cafecito cubano, (Bustelo, claro) para merendar, presently I do not have access to a stove to make it properly, but I will in one month when we move! The plan is for me to taka taka every day about 3pm! As I am the only Cuban in the office I will be making it myself! My abuelo had cafe Bustelo four times a day, the last one being at 10pm right before he went to bed and slept like a log! He lived to the ripe fine age of 89, we credit the cafe for his longevity! The rest of the family is following in his footsteps!
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I am from La Habana. Mami was from La Habana but her family was from Puerta de Golpe, Pinar del Rio. Papi is from Santiago de Cuba, Oriente. They met in Havana, married and had 5 children there. We all came in 1966, my youngest brother was 5 months old, I am the oldest and was 10 years old. My maternal grandfather was 82 and he came with us also. Yes, we still have family in Cuba on all sides.
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Jun 18, 2010