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Oceanside ca. usa
I am a lay minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, a Bible student, and a loving husband and father.
Interests: god,jesus,bible,books,christian,woriship
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"I don't subscribe" That’s what you do not who you are as a human being. You can change what you do but not your DNA. I know some Muslims seem like a sub species when looking at what they do but they are just like us as far as their biological makeup goes.
Yes we do have that right and thank God our young ones handle that for us. I’m very proud of the very fine job they do. And I’m so sad for the price they pay to keep us free.
The real sad part is most of them are just people like me and you but they have been fed a lie since they were born and have no idea of what the truth is or what love and compassion is. They had no choice, mom and pop were Muslim and so are they. They are probably in the dark as to the real intent of Islam for the world to some degree, as is the most of the west. Don’t get me wrong there human nature is into it and most likely is going along for what Islam lays out to them because they are blind to the truth. But I for one don’t hate them for being deceived I pray for them every day. It’s easy when I look at this mess to just hate but I would like to be a better person than that.
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