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Love the concept! I mostly use eco-totes (in various sizes) as project bags, which are OK, but do tend to let things spill out if they fall over in the car, and are yet another thing to loop over one arm or another (besides the purse and any plastic shopping bags from that day's errands) when I get out. The only small problem I have with the current giveaway is the "pin this image" requirement, which apparently one is supposed to do in addition to a comment here to qualify under entry Option 2. I'm not signed up for Pinterest, and have no great desire to do Pinterest. I'd be happy to post a picture on my Facebook wall, however.
The white color and the motifs in the design remind me of evergreen tree branches covered with snow, and the curved hem reminds me of the tailcoats still used in men's formalwear. So . . . "Winter Tails"?
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Jul 14, 2013