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Ok, I know this is completely a tangent, and I agree with everyone who applauds the differences in kids, but what strikes me most is how fearless you are, Amy, in trying these evaluations and therapy sessions, not knowing for sure if they'll help or not, but wanting to not leave one stone unturned in order to give Noah the best possible start. My best friend is a speech pathologist who specializes in swallowing. She has mostly treated the elderly in nursing homes or accident or stroke victims in hospitals. Now, she's starting to work with kids and went to some training recently. They shared stories of kids who would only drink juice or eat cheese. These kids had no real eating issue of their own, but their unwitting parents, in order to make mealtime work in their household, had unknowingly gone along with food preferences until suddenly they are shocked to realize that there is a serious problem. So, Amy, I applaud you, for stepping out of your comfortable routine, to NOT be the supermom who feels that since her child is so magnificent (and Noah IS magnificent!!) and their routine works for them, that there is no need for intervention. I know there are lots of folks who might disagree and lots of examples of kids who turned out just fine. And, I also believe in a gut feeling, that there are moms who just know their kids are fine, even when the tests show otherwise. But, I also know how scary it is to ask for help. Kudos, and keep writing about it. It makes me a better mom to hear what you're going through.
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