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The most fascinating part of this article in my opinion revolves around the how Hirschman took a different approach to development economics. Generally, most of the information we learn in economics is shown around different graphs and models with a variety of explanations for shifts and constants in the drawings. This makes good use for learning because it shows students visually what is going on. Hirschman turned away from models during his work in development economics and focused on the topic from a new point of view. This change in approach allows for him to throw all assumptions aside and just focus on his own work. If we were to carry this approach into our economics class would we struggle or have success? This question is up in the air but it is interesting to see work done from a perspective without graphs and models. I definitely think models are crucial but it was nice to see someone look at a topic from this alternative perspective.
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Before I read this article, I was completely unknowing of the many attempts that have happened in the past 30 or so years to improve environmental concerns, poverty, and to greater gender equality. Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) are discussed in depth including their pros and cons. I actually really liked the idea behind MDGs and how they work but SDGs are the next phase and evolution of them. A perfect example of this is if you look at China. How has China risen? Well if you look into it shallowly, it is pretty obvious that many U.S. businesses like Apple and Nike take their production lines over to China because the labor is so cheap. If you look at this situation from the poverty side then that makes them more revenue but also having more factories results in more pollutants in the air. This has also made China more relaxed and not strict on environmental protection laws. So in this situation there are pros and cons. The pros being more profit and economic success while the living conditions and air quality go down the drain. However, I am not a big believer in MDGs being the big reason for countries poverty rates dropping compared to some other optimistic people. Countries in poverty definitely have different motives than that. I am also worried about the carry through with SDGs in developed and developing countries. More developed countries will most likely not use them because why would they want to be set to an international standard to be set for them? The U.S. has also backed out of international standards that were set before. Overall, I think SDGs should be used by undeveloped nations with high rates of poverty but realistically I think the standard set will be ignored or pushed to the side. This article is very intriguing and made me more aware of what exactly MDGs and SDGs are.
A quote that I thought was very meaningful during the article was, “a self-motivated and well-informed population is usually for more powerful and effective than a policed, ignorant population.” This quote stuck out to me because I believe exactly what it states. I think people will be more motivated to stop the virus and quarantine by themselves than if the government is forcing them to take their temperatures and policing them 24/7 with drones or some type of surveillance. I also agree that a major contributing part to the spread of the virus is travel. The United States should have shut down international flights and travel a month ago. But now that CoVid-19 is in every state in America, we should cancel flights all together. This would eliminate the spread and exposure of people to the Coronavirus. If as a globe, we all abide by this policy, it could save millions of people and also prevent millions from contracting the virus. Yes, many businessmen would be upset because they cannot reach clients overseas but their safety and well-being should be prioritized over reaching new deals.
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Apr 2, 2020