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What's SCNC ? ,Bullshit!!!!To hell with your dreams.SCNC,a group of unscrupulous and greedy nationals of The Republic of Cameroon.People who've failed in their political dreams,no more hopes and chances,disguising under the name SCNC Newyork,London,Bamenda etc,etc. We the few with positive thinking,will never join your boat.You are decieving your selves.You are all just exactly like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.After embracing the whiteman with his Agricultural know-how,to secure his greedy political ambitions, meanwhile neglecting the black poor,now turn against them ,thereby gaining support from the very black poor,as another tactic to stay for ever in power.And where's the Econmy?In total mess. So you idiots and drunkers,disguising under the name SCNC(Group of dangerous Bandits)should go ahead with dubious plans in the NW region of Cameroon and leave the South West alone.Foncha wasn't stupid to construct a "Large" central Prison in Bamenda. You should all work hard to win the trust of the new generation Cameroonians in a Democratic manner,even if denied,would not be denied for ever.The Black race in the USA should be an example to you all.Obama's Policy is for the entire Nation and not for Blacks only. All this C Anyangwe and his camp "trash!"are just seeds of Robert Mugabe.
Please Mr Francis Nche,cross check your grammar and spellings before the eyes of others getting contaminated from reading your trash.
You are all crazy,What Southern Cameroon?What Federation?You are slowly bringing this nation into chaos,regional sagregetion,und perharps a bloody civil war.You should learn from the Biafra war.Roland Nzem,you talking of resources.Where are the resouces?All in the SW province.You are already a war monger.You are already used to tribal wars in the Northwest Province.Am sure if you do ask for an independent State(NW province)That you will get immediately from The Republic of Cameroon without going to the Hague.People like you will still bring division in your Stupid Repubic of Southern Cameroon. LEGIMA DOH,if you keep your independence for the Northwest Province,that I'm sure you wil get with no difficulties.You are all behind this nonsense for an independent state,so as to feed fat and rip us from our resources.In your evil independent state,we the Southwesterners,will automatically be the minority,maltreated from you Graffis.You've got a big eye on our resources, beautiful landscape(mountain and sea) and Evergreen Forest.Keep your independence for Northwest and get your Fingers off our backs. My fellow men from the SW.Don't allow yourself misled again by this Graffi ideology,You should all learn from Foncha and Muna.Theg are out for their own self interst to make wealth out of us just like their politicians "yesteryears" did.