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Claire M
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I am so excited to hear about this. I have some simple watercolor images of my own that I've been wanting to get on some tea towels. Might be able to use what you've done. Additionally I'm very excited about the thought of doing old handwritten recipes on the towels. This sounds so exciting to me. I can't thank you enough for sharing!!!!!
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This class looks so cool! Thank you for writing up a summary of it and the different projects that were done. Fantastic!
I really like the composite design that you worked out with your daughter. It was a treat to see all of the pieces and how you put it together. Great final image!!
What a great idea of your sister's!! Attractive and useful piece of art .... that advertises on the side. Clever! I love your painting and lettering on this.
This is a very interesting and lively composition. Lovely.
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Sep 3, 2010