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We could talk about it when we plot our top secret project! Perhaps, I could venture up north for a few days for a plotting session...
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2011 on working on it at M. C. Matz - Art & Illustration
Let me say that I bought both the album and book WKAP because they are awesome artistic works. WKAP has provided me with days of earworms and hours of playtime on my iPhone. The way I discovered our divine Miss Amanda was from following a certain writer on Twitter and through his blog. I know AFP does not want to be half of an ampersand but being strongly connected with someone (he who crashes webites regularly by linking to them) with 666,666+ followers on Twitter has had to help pump up that $19,000-in-a-month total as well as her number of followers in conjunction with her ground up marketing. That connection cannot be ignored as an impact on her growing fan base. Hundreds of thousands of eyes reading about your stuff is going to get at least some of them to follow the links and like what they hear/see. This in no way detracts from her as an artist, crazy-mad genius, and magnetizing personality whom I adore. I am extremely grateful for that connection because it led me into her compelling world. Clocking in at 47 yo myself.
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