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At least Rexon conjures with me.Mr. kumba boy seemd to be arguing without any cause.Bioprap can recruit any one provided the individual is capable of promoting their business.I know where I am coming from. If Mr.lyonga should just be honest to furnish us with his academic credentials(Its a pride for one to have degrees)then I have something very importnant to add to this ongoing saga to his advantage. Lets keep sentiments aside and deal with facts.
Mr. kumba boy,You said ".... you need someone with good professional ethics, clinical knowledge on the medicine and excellent communication skills.We are singing from the same hymnal.To acquire these skills you need to go to school whic mr. Lyonga did acccording to the article. I wish to find out what he studied in germany to have acqiured such skills.I do not know this mr. lyonga but it seems there is something missing along the line. yes some of the best sellers of cocoa are not farmers , but they have studied at least . mcmboms
Mr. Bimbia Boy,I do not have any issues with Mr BAtiston and do not even evn know this guy. I have much to contribute on this topic and want to know his background. There is no point selling drugs without knowing how it works. let Mr batiston forget about this caseans stop spending his money with the courts.Lets wait and see. This case has gone on for long,, mcmboms
Mr.lyonga, could you tell the world what you studied in Germany and the university?This will throw more light into your case and experience.Did you decide to go back to Cameroon or .......... hope to hear from you mboms