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I can't *wait* till the Flood API gains some external viability - some really cool things I want to do with that.
>If agreed-upon methods are in place, the M&A discussion becomes more bounded. If LinkedIn is essentially offering $112.88 per gigabyte, can point at other valuations in the industry as a way of arguing that the price is too low. - See more at: I think its also important to note the effective information density in the data. 10GB of MP4 compressed video will likely have a different density (referring here to both Shannon entropy-style information as well as a more semantic view) than 10GB of clickstream data. So not only do we end up with a dimension that you suggest to start with around raw quantity of data (and the price paid), but also the nature of that data. Then, how do we differentiate between storage and encoding mechamisms? Do we always, as alluded to, default to effective uncompressed values? And what about the meta data - I'm sure the data that LinkedIn has around person-to-person connections (the graph data) are just as important as the raw (I worked at XYZ for N years) do you value connections among the data, given they are tiny compared to the raw data? Cool questions.
All the code for the ViPR + PaaS demo is on my GitHub:
One thing I will note is that you don't HAVE to follow the python-based install process. In fact, if you look carefully at the code on my github, you'll see its pretty easy (because my code doesn't use the python method either). 1) Install MDM (the manager) on a node. 2 command lines give it a protection domain and a license key. 2) Install the SDS (the storage node) on some number of nodes. For each node you add, run a single command on the MDM to register it. 3) Install the SDC (the client) on some number of nodes (could be the same nodes as the storage if you like), and point them at the MDM (single command). Thats all it takes to install, even without the python script. So, its pretty easy to automate. In Big O notation terms, we'd call it O(N).
Whats in the red rack next to it?
There's some sample code that works (although is totally unsupported) and was running during the show at my GitHub here:
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2013 on VMworld 2013: HoL Tale of the Tape at Virtual Geek
Tommy blogged on how to set this up here:
Now if we could just get an updated client for Mac!!!
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This is a fantastic idea, and I 100% agree that using real (anonymized) workloads is the best possibly way to improve performance. I know that even as an engineer working for a competitor I love being able to get real workload data from a customer to size/optimize whatever they have (and maybe replace it, eh?). BTW, its worth mentioning that the data from vSCSIstats doesn't include your actual data sent down the pipe, so its reasonably safe and you aren't giving anything private away. However, some (including myself) might consider the internal hostnames, etc. exposed by ESXtop to be sensitive. Maybe Clint/the other vSpecialists could right another script to take the data and scrub out the hostname fields to replace them with randomized names?
The trip through the Symmetrix build facility is hilarious :). Can we get a duet with you and Chuck? That would be classic and go down in blog history, I think!
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2011 on Want a peek behind the curtain? at Virtual Geek
That IS a good ad. I have to say that of any of the major storage companies, EMC has marketing down to a science. Better than NetApp even, and better than even my own company (3PAR/HP). Nicely done. --M (disclosure: I work for 3PAR/HP).
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2010 on Now THIS is solid marketing… at Virtual Geek
Pretty cool hack....speaking of which - how is VAAI for VMAX coming along? Hopefully not the same engineer working on this and that :) (joking, joking!)
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2010 on Something fun and cool… at Virtual Geek
Great videos! 1) GREAT music :) 2) The vSquirrel in black catching 3/4 balls is clearly a ringer! :) 3) Why wasn't the vSpecialist gorilla playing?!?
Man - sounds like way cool people, but I don't know Wade O'Harrow, so looks like I shouldn't be there :)
"VMware SIOC + EMC sub-LUN FAST = Storage DRS… today" Or not today. Unless your version of today = sometime in the future when EMC releases FAST v2 to the public/GA....
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Jul 23, 2010