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fellow cameroonians, the time has come to say bye to the biya regime.Its either we send him away or he finishes with us if we fail. His ministers have banned radio and tv stations,bann the broadcast of very important programs, threaten journalists to hide the thruth under the pretext of threatening the peace of the nation,refuse TO BROADCAST the view of people on the recent decision by the totalitarian regime to wipe out article 6.2 of the constitution. what therefore do we think shall happen to us if we fail to succeed in sending away the regime. Life shall be a living hell for cameroonians. We fear not to die for the sake of our children and their future. We need to secure a better future for our children. Cameroonians have for the past been cowards but not any more. The deceptive slogan "the most peacefull nation in the world" has been used to deceive cameroonians by the regime and what are the consequences; LOOTING AND EMBEZZLING MONEY MEANT FOR THE PEOPLE BY A HAND FEW SELFISH INDIVIDUALS. FELLOW CAMEROONIANS LETS STAND UP AND FACE THIS RIGIME PROPERLY.GOD SHALL SEE US THROUGH AS HE DID IN SOUTH AFRICA DURING THE APARTITE RULE.
let the minister bann all the radio stations in cameroon. but i tell u one thing mister minister. the time has come and u too will not be left out. we have always known that crtv is not a station. i wonder how many people tune to crtv nowadays. bann all images as well but i tell u we shall have those images and we shall use them to stirr up the population against u and ur regime.
fellow brothers and sisters in cameroon. the time has come for us to say enough is enough. cameroon must change. we say no to any constitutional ammendments and price hikes. its rather unfortunate that some of our brothers have lost their lives. but we should understand that no genuine change will come so easily. we must keep on fighting to liberate cameroon else we shall all rot under this regime full of embezzlers and people who have traded their souls to the devil for money and selfishness. lets all stand up and say no. camerron has got to move ahead and not remain in the politics of the 40's where people just wake up and decide to do whatever pleases them.