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I like that it was brought up that we don't notice editing, but it occurs in (nearly) every movie. It's interesting that we're so used to it that we can't even see it, even when it's obvious.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2011 on Open entry on editing at Geog/Film
I love this movie. I feel like I watch the entire film with my mouth open. It captures you. Haha. That's what makes it so good though. The idea of extraction is super interesting and really creative. I think it's a well made movie and it does a really great job of explaining the concept of dream levels and inception visually and through dialogue.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2011 on Open entry on INCEPTION. at Geog/Film
1. I love Inception and I'm really glad that we got to watch it. 2. I'm psyched fro Endless Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, it's one of my favorites. 3. This class is awesome. 4. Harry Potter 3 is most definitely not the only HP worth watching. . . still a little upset about that Huston. Haha.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2011 on Open thread, week 6 at Geog/Film
I'm really excited that we get to watch this movie. I would have never thought about placing it in a comparative category with a movie like The Matrix, but I think it fits well. This is a really good movie and I'm psyched to analyze and discuss it in class this week.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2011 on Preview for INCEPTION at Geog/Film
The Matrix is kind of a cheesy movie, but it's entertaining and fun to watch. Keanu Reeves is not the greatest actor. . . so I think that adds to the cheesy-ness of it. It's hard to not ask a million questions about what is going to happen without seeing the next two movies. Just watching the first one alone is a little tough.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2011 on Open thread, week 5 at Geog/Film
It's interesting to think about there being this alternate "real" world and actually living in a world that is made to satisfy our needs and suspicions. The thought of being completely controlled to the point of not even knowing you're living in a simulation is scary, but how would we know otherwise if that's what we were made to believe?
Toggle Commented May 3, 2011 on Open entry on THE MATRIX at Geog/Film
It's interesting to apply the ideas from 12 Monkeys to present day. Time travel seems like such a crazy and unrealistic concept now, but who knows what people will come up with in the future. Maybe we'll all be wiped out by a deadly virus and be forced to live underground. Who knows?! It's strange to think about though.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2011 on Open entry on 12 MONKEYS at Geog/Film
I thought that 12 Monkeys was a little more difficult to connect to Mememto and The Lookout as far as the character and the situation, but it was an interesting movie.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2011 on Open thread, week 4 at Geog/Film
Learning about the basics has made it easier to understand why films are made the way they are. What may have been a simple close-up before isn't just a close-up anymore, it's a meaningful shot that's necessary to understand the entire film. It's interesting perspective changes with a better understanding of the simpler concepts.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2011 on Open post on Frames & Images at Geog/Film
100 years of set locations is pretty fantastic!! (: As far as class goes, I find that it's getting more and more interesting to watch and analyze films that would be considered to have the same kind of underlying theme. Before this class if I had watched Memento and the Lookout together I might have said that they were both just movies about memory loss and left it at that, but now there's so much more to see. It's interesting how going a little more in depth changes your perspective so much.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2011 on Open thread, week 3 at Geog/Film
I agree that the film has a 3 act structure. I think you could also look at in terms of what Chris goes through mentally in the movie rather than just what's going on around him and the situations he gets put into. The first is him getting into the accident, going from an all-star to somebody with a disability. The second is the way he tries to cope with his misfortune; trying to sequence, finding a method of reminders that works for him, having relationships, etc. Dealing with it and being frustrated and scared the entire time. The third would be that he finally comes to terms with the fact that he'll never be who he was an learning how to live again with the way things are.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2011 on Narrative analysis and THE LOOKOUT at Geog/Film
I don't really think that one movie was necessarily better than the other. I thought they were both really good and it was interesting that they were both about some kind of memory loss injury, but they were so different at the same time. Memento is obviously a little more extreme, but the memory loss still causes the same difficulty to distinguish where the equilibrium is disrupted or restored.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2011 on Open entry on THE LOOKOUT. at Geog/Film
This class has definitely helped me understand the format of movies more. It's interesting to have an idea of what the people making the films were thinking when they made it. It's really great insight and it makes watching films really enjoyable.
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2011 on Open thread, week 2 at Geog/Film
Momento is an excellent movie. It's so unique in the way it's filmed and the plot itself. It was interesting to watch it while looking for specific characteristics of the film. I thought it made the Momento-experience better. It can be a difficult movie to follow, but it was interesting to look for specific things while watching it. I thought it made it easier to keep up with and I felt like I gained a better understanding of the workings of Leonard by focusing on things like trace and space.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2011 on Open discussion of MEMENTO at Geog/Film
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