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I run Uncovered Films - An Indie/Cult/Direct-to-Disc universe. Check it out, and leave me a comment or two!
Interests: music, art, tv, tacos, movies, books, bulldogs, ghost hunters, mythbusters,,,, reelz channel
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If he'd just eaten at South 21 (, none of this would've happened. People see you enjoying a Po' Boy and fries on Independence, they just keep moving right along.
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I'm only @ 1504 total items rated. I'm meticulous about it too... I don't rate things I've only seen part of, or things I can barely remember, which would obviously boost that number. I also make sure to immediately rank them on Flickchart. These two sites are the only ones with meaningful ranking systems for me. 10 Stars on IMDb requires too much re-calculation... Amazon has to thank you for every item you rank. If you don't make it easy and painless for me to critique a movie, I don't even bother. That's why Netflix has the best system out there for tracking your own interests.
I was disappointed to see True Blood coming to Best Buy but not Netflix tomorrow, but considering I've waited the 5 years for the Blu-ray to be released, I guess I can wait 28 days. Why couldn't have just been honest about it though, and say what day it actually was coming out, rather than saying "release date unknown" (as it said yesterday)? That just makes people think it's not getting bought by NFLX. People who want to catch up on True Blood before season 3 starts are getting the shaft here. But those people already have HBO, so they don't need the discs. If they're normal, they either watched the entire season, or DVR'd the constant repeats.
I like the Netflix friends feature. They've refused to update and/or integrate it to keep up with social media changes internet-wide, so that's why it's been given a lesser status. @Alphadawg7 They're protesting that the friends visibility is no longer on Movie Detail pages like it once was. Your friends notes used to show up on a TV/Movie page, right under the description. You also cannot leave notes at all. All the old stuff may be there, but you cannot use it.
On a page like this one, it just looks weird right now to have the single button by itself, way over in the corner. Maybe it's something you have to get used to, but currently it just seems weird to me. However the box art is satisfyingly big now, thank goodness. One thing I'll never understand about Netflix, though, is the lack of customization options for your account. You should be able to pick and choose how you want every page of the site to look, and have it saved on your account forever. You're paying for it, and you should be able to have it be the most appealing to your personal tastes and needs.
Yet, when you call the post office to ask about a completely missing package, they immediately get defensive, claiming that they have no reason to not trust their workers. OK USPS... you're right. Only honest people work for you.
Probably Humble Pie... simply because it has Hobie from The Sasquatch Gang in the starring role.
@Davis Freeberg Yeah, I was going to post a FF link as well, but I'm guessing they skew towards 3-At-A, because their opted-in users are more dedicated to Netflix, and/or seek out programs that make Netflix more useful for them. They aren't casual users.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2010 on What Netflix Plan Are You On? at Hacking NetFlix
It's a real toss up, as I have a pretty good memory of what I've seen via Netflix vs. TV/library rentals. But I'd have to say "Skinwalkers" or "How to Make a Monster" for ruining horror movies for the rest of their respective century. Godawful films, and the directors know that full well.
To be such a hottie, I'm surprised she'd bring up two of the dumbest things on television. Shows titled "Late Night with...", and people called "Charlie Sheen". Guess she's been brainwashed like everyone else surrounding me.
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Many of the community features haven't been working/working right for weeks/months... This is true. The least labor-intensive part of the site (since the users are doing all the work), rarely ever works. Every time I go to even look at my own "Outward" lists or reviews, I am told that Friends is currently out of order. It has to be embarrassing for them. But shuffling it to the bottom of a page is a lame way of dealing with it. It's kind of like how they installed those sliders everywhere, thinking users would automatically love them. Yeah, that worked out great.
C'mon, I deserve applause for calling that one: Blind Date.
Blind Date seems like something that would be streaming... I'll have to keep an eye on it. What I've heard about it is good, and I would be happy to continue my Patricia Clarkson binge.
Paul doesn't seem to realize that most of his DVD queue can be streamed. Can he do that with RedBox? What an overgrown child.
Somelesbianone wants attention. More attention than she got from her relatives who clearly spend all their time looking at Netflix Prize data.
Don't know why they sweep friends under the door. They could've made it the coolest little network, but they just could care less about it. If they cared so little, why didn't they just Facebook & Twitter Connect it, and put 90 checkboxes of what/who you want to see in your Friends list. That would've left them much more time to do all of their other important work, like moving tabs left and right, aimlessly.
I think they've really improved the CS aspect to about as good as it could be, but they could go one step further, and integrate it with their Twitter accounts, to tweet back and forth with customers as easily as they do on Twitter itself. That would be a good way to combine two great things.
At most, I get thirsty when watching a movie, because of how much air they blow into the theater. I used to sneak in (how ridiculous that you even have to) drinks and snacks, but I quit after the last time, in which I got sprayed with a barely shaken full bottle of Dr. Pepper (cargo pockets aren't very supportive). And lets just say that it looked like I wet my pants, and it certainly did not dry. It's wonderful to wet your pants before sitting through a 2 hour film.
Could someone explain to me... how can a non-Netflix subscriber buy a current Netflix subscriber a gift sub.? Why has Netflix not made that as easy to do as an iTunes gift card is? Even if it were just a credit of $25 and up.
In fact, I thought the story was just the text that Hacking Netflix posted. I didn't see the link. C'mon now, you've gotta admit, that giant video is hard to miss sitting on top of the text.
I refused to sign up to enter a different contest they had a week ago. Unfortunately, I couldn't resist this time. Luckily (unless this is in the fine print) by signing up, you're not ticking a box that says Rachael Ray can visit you and talk in your ear for 48 hours. Though as I write that, I'm betting many of you would like Rachael Ray to come over. For reasons other than cooking... ahem.
"Steve Swasey, a vice president for Netflix in charge of communications, said the company does not comment on pending lawsuits." Geez, there's that many of them? Who could stay mad at Netflix, really? They're just as cute as a button!
I appreciate that - we certainly try to help out other Netflix users, the best we know how. Also, after I mentioned that, Andrew spent much of yesterday adding those IFC titles to our site, thanks to user feedback, and I believe we have just about all of them listed, if not every single one. There are a ton of IFC films on the way.
Thanks Prozac, for checking out what we had. We can only add what we'd found, combined with what your users turned up. I think Netflix should add a IFC section, much like their "Starz" section, if they intend to add more IFC material in the future.
We have a number of titles submitted yesterday that are from IFC, but probably not all of them: Streaming Soon