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Mar 15, 2010
It WAS fun! Glad to have you commenting again!
Hey Pamela!! Glad to hear from you! I bet you did have a very serious WTH moment! I wish I could explain it, but it makes zero sense to me. I have no idea what the American public was thinking by electing this guy and his foreign policy judgment to date is actually frightening. At least to me. We do indeed have a Tea Party here! My oldest daughter is one of the organizers and I will be raising money for the Young Republicans by lending a hand April 15th. She's the club President.
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2009 on Seriously? at live from the guillotine
Of course you don't remember it Mom. You were at church. It was just me, Dad, and that dumbass, Timmy! *LOL* As for whether there will be another movie. Of course. The population is busy with their bread and circuses. How else do you explain President Obama? They know more about the latest contestants on American Idol than they do about their President and their Congress. And it shows. Nothing left to do now but wait for the revolution...right? *g* As for the Vampire craze, it's not especially new, but it is weirdly fascinating if you let yourself get sucked into it. Also interesting, you can pick it apart in about 2 minutes with a living room full of skeptical Jordans. Case in point, I went to see the movie, "Interview with the Vampire". Being one of those people who doesn't like movie adaptations of books, I bought the book and read it to see the differences. At the end of the book, I wanted to know the rest of the story and was fascinated with where the plot would go, realized it was creepy that I actually cared, and said, er, NO! I guess even Anne Rice figured that out, didn't she? Close to demonic? I'd say a little too close for comfort. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Lucifer was the most beautiful angel, was he not? And he's the Angel of Death. Vision went to school today, was fine, hurts some but not enough to slow her down much. She's a tough cookie. Or as Val said, "Remember when her hand got run over by the skate board and she winced and then sucked it up?" Yeah, that would be her. She's used to it. *g*
SHUT UP!!! Did your boys EVER do anything like that to you? Tell me the truth. Did they talk their teacher into writing a note that sounded so much like them that it actually made a weird kind of sense? Mutters under his breath? Check. Dances in his seat? Check. Continues talking when asked to shut up? Check. Is unable to believe he's actually in trouble? Check. And don't get me started on the ridiculous implausibility of the other two. Yes, I realize that!! Let's just say they worked it in such a way that it made enough sense at the time because I was very, very busy and talked Greg into going along when he had no clue what he was agreeing to do. He still doesn't realize he had two pregnant, unwed daughters on Wednesday! But seriously, I know they are just like me. That's why they're still alive today!*LOL* I suppose I should have put in the post that every single, scoundrel one of them made abject apologies when they realized I fell for the entire thing. Hard. I'm glad their sorry. They will be even more sorry. Trust me.
Veritas...I thought you'd appreciate that! Mom, The pumpkin calls me Granny Gran about half the time. I can't believe WILLARD either. It's just so darn bizarre, but it would be nice if Daddy would quit hinting that I'm an adulteress!! lol
Last comment was Lana. I'm tired and didn't check. I'll be sane in a week or two. *g*
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2009 on Please Pray at live from the guillotine
Look, Sessie. I spent all last weekend doing taxes. Monday night was Cheer Mom know how that drains the very life out of me. Tuesday was two basketball games, Thursday night the pumpkin and fam came over, Friday was more basketball, Saturday was a.m. cleaning because my cleaning lady quit, and then I had Hogan and Ella Sat. afternoon through Sunday afternoon. I cleaned up and went to bed at 8. I'm not alive now, quite frankly. It was fun. I'm exhausted. Work was murder today and promises to be murder tomorrow. You'll have to settle for the phone call of CPR! lol
So, could someone just sort of fill in for Steve and give me the last 10 minutes after creepy "come with me, no cell phones" guy takes Roger's girlfriend off to the staged murder with the First Weinie? I had to pick up a kid from a movie and you're all I got, here. Help?
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2009 on 24 at Dave Barry's Blog
Mom, I don't know if Veritas gets FOX. She's a starving college student with only rabbit ears on her TV.
Sure! What do you want pictures of? Knowing you, everything!! *lol*
Merry Christmas Fran!!! I should have dropped you a note. Sorry. I just started back and I wasn't sure how well I was going to do keeping it up. Thanks for caring.;)
Mom, I just chuckle every time I think about Dad's car trip with the toots!! Thanks for the laugh. We found Jesus, again this Christmas. Go figure...He's still here. So good to know He's always there when we need Him, isn't it? And isn't that what it all means anyway? Ron, So glad you could FINALLY come out of the closet about loving my blog, as fresh and youthful as you are! Who are you? Being elderly and all, I forget. I'm of the considered opinion that David assured us there is a time to laugh and with 5 kids, I like to take all the time I need. I think you know what that's like! What with the time to cry and mourn, it comes in right handy. And if Philemon isn't a catechism on sarcasm, I'll eat my Bible. At least we are in good company. I think you would be a fabulous pastor. I guess I'm not the best test case. But, at least you have a great family! haha Willard wanted to know, while you and Mom were thinking that we run about Texas stripping in matching team shirts, did you think there was an age classification so that all the kiddies could participate and show off their stripping skills? Merry Christmas to you and your wife with the amazing cookies and your adorable girls! Don't be a stranger in the comments, at least until you get your next pastoring gig. Then, I never saw ya.
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2008 on Fun Times! 12.20.08 at live from the guillotine
Willard's foot is fine. He played a fantastic basketball game tonight. Got in foul trouble in the 2nd half, but he did a good job. A couple of stupid fouls. And here I always thought he was the one with the least amount of temper like his Daddy, but he does get testy out there and it hurts him.
Mom, I guess I forgot to tell you something that stripping I've been doing on It's FOR THE CHILDREN!!!! Love you too, Shaila!
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2008 on Now Where Was I? at live from the guillotine