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I'm a latecomer to this conversation, but I'm an American living in Taiwan, and even here Sophie the Giraffe is ubiquitous at high end baby stores. Personally, I am a huge Francophile, but I find her to be overpriced and not actually all that cute. However, when we adopted my oldest as a year and a half ago, I did actually buy him a $20+ French giraffe, not at all knowing it was the thing to do -- only it wasn't Sophie. It was a lovie/puppet from a company called Doudou et Compagnie which at first he showed no particular preference for, but by the time he was one had become his equivalent to Linus' blanket. It's much cuter than Sophie (or at least was until it got chewed to an inch of its life) and he was such a fan that when his sister was born a year later, she got a bear from the same company. is now following The Typepad Team
Aug 2, 2012