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I guarantee you that most people would say they are productive working from home, or more productive working from home. But I know many aren't. Speed and productivity are sacrificed when some people work at home. That doesn't apply to everyone. But, the problem is much more common that you might think. Ask any HR professional, including the ones who work in our own hallowed hallways. I think Mayer overreacted to the VPN data point. But the data point has to be addressed.
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My post will focus on WFM aka Work From Home – not necessarily personal drivers, in-office day care or waiting room management tactics. I do not believe in a blanket Work From Home policy – that it is categorically denied (which is insensitive) or it is celebrated as a new age in work (which is insensitive). People get sick. Children get sick. Doctors don’t keep weekend hours. Emergencies, traffic accidents and weather happen. Some people who are utterly perfect for their jobs live in another state. Of course I get that. I’ve had my share. But – Work From Home, when mismanaged, saps productivity. And it’s mismanaged a lot. Sorry. But some people tend to claim Work From Home when they’re not really working the full time that they say, or if they intend to, some people get sidetracked – intentionally or otherwise. Work From Home does not mean sleeping in. It does not mean a half a day to run errands. Work From Home does not mean one is frustrated with office politics and need a day to decompress. Those issues are legitimate, but they are personal days. A lot of people don’t get that. A lot of managers don’t see their direct reports doing it. And when that happens, the people who are most affected are those that did work to get to work. One potential outcome is those otherwise loyal employees figure they can (and should) do it themselves. I think Marissa Mayer took an extreme, one-size-must-fit-all approach that will breed insecurity and resentment. It sends all the wrong signals about appreciating lifestyle diversity among employees. But, the other extreme, in my opinion, is just as toxic. Work From Home should be a privilege for those who can prove their ability to get their work done and be the same team players they would otherwise be, were they in the office. Good managers should be unafraid to monitor that privilege and remove it if necessary.
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"James at 15" was the most realistic and well-written "teen angst" dramedy I can think of, and in my opinion paved the way for filmmakers like John Hughes and Judd Apatow. I think Freaks and Geeks got it better. But it has to pay gratitude to its precedent. "The Larry Sanders Show" gave us a trifecta of convincing a) global audiences that HBO could do original programming, b) investors that TV Series can be raunchy and politically incorrect without alienating viewers, and c) future writers that TV shows about TV shows are entertaining to watch. Conclusively - "An American Family," the first reality series (how can anyone forget the Loud family) about an actual nuclear family and their extreme dramas, filmed for the world to see. The Louds came on the scene over 35 years before we had the Kardashians. Enough said.
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Mar 30, 2011