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Mdrobertson Uk
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I watch the BBC and use its website every single day; there is rubbish on it but it is so much better than the race for commercial ratings. As for its so-called bias; is the phrase "the government defends its cuts" leftie? If it was really left wing it would push the bank issues much more and not only as an add on.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2010 on The BBC's budget at CentreRight
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Surely defence of the nation is not the top priority; what is the point of defending a nation not worth defending? By this I mean a nation should be judged by how it supports the least able in its society; NOT those able to get jobs etc but those who cannot by whom I mean those with a genuine disability (mental or physical). Nations are artificial creations anyway, what is more important is the above plus democracy.
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Oct 20, 2010