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Netflix made the same mistake and their stock price has been spanked hard as their customer base leaves in droves. These large corporations not only think of their customers as numbers, or worse, but they think their fees/prices are endlessly elastic, which they are not. Just because money seems like an infinite commodity to them, it really isn't to vast swath of American society.
Sounds like a horrible experience...and one too common in today's world. This blog post points to other things as well. Tolerance. Acceptance. Compassion. It's difficult, if not impossible, to tease out what the other person might be going through. Perhaps she just got taken to the cleaners in a divorce or found out her husband has been cheating on her. Maybe she lost a job or missed out on a promotion. All kinds of things could be going on. Does this excuse rude, selfish and inconsiderate behavior? No. I read about "giving" all the time and the many benefits derived from giving. Speaking for myself, I like to be on the "receiving" end from time to time and I have found that "receiving" happens much, much more seldom than the "giving" I'm constantly reminded to do. So, yeah. Sometimes I want the damn cereal. :-)
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May 5, 2011