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I'm me. You are not.
Interests: Stuff, things, art
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Nono, it's hours of Owl-peration. You're reading it wrong. It's a hoot!
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~wipes the tears from her eyes~ As a Scout myself this brought up so many feels. I used to be the voluntary Joey (5/6 year old scouts) Assistant Leaderand there was nothing better than seeing the enthusiasm in their eyes when you showed them something new and knowing it would carry them through life even once they stopped being your "responsibility". Kudos
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That is actually impressive. Five that barista an extra huge tip!
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Actually a lot of contests have this for Canadian winners. Supposedly they're not allowed to win by pure luck, it has to involve a skills test for "fairness" or something. It's weird but not the first time I've seen this clause on something.
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May 30, 2016