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Sheffield, UK
Happy in my little world.
Interests: Comics, films, books, dice, lions & tigers & bears (oh my)
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So, here's my first update in 3 years to Just Another Geek - I did intend this to be a short post, but the words just got away with me. Read it, or don't read it, that's your choice. But I needed to get these words out of my head, and it feels so much better now that I can enter 2018 fresh minded. Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2017 at Just Another Geek
The past few weeks have been a turbulent time for Sony. A hacking group calling themselves The Guardians of Peace began a cyber-terrorism campaign, breaking down servers and stealing documents, scripts, films, and emails from the company. Some of these emails and documents were private exchanges between Sony employees, and... Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2014 at Just Another Geek
Robin Williams passed away last night, having allegedly taken his own life. Last night I posted my feelings on the loss on the Facebook page for the cinema I work at. It is represented below: "Here at Cineworld Sheffield we are all gutted at the news of the death of... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2014 at Just Another Geek
In another attempt to bring some life back to here, I thought I'd start off with one of those challenge things. So, for the next week and a bit I will be posting the following... Letters Challenge Request 1. A letter to your bestfriend 2. A letter to your parents... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2013 at Just Another Geek
Today, once again, I've seen the barrage of hate being levied at a film simply because it is a 'remake' or 'reboot'. Yes, once again some teaser pics for the Robocop remake have been released to storm of people crying that this will "destroy the original" and that the suit... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2013 at Just Another Geek
The most intriguing thing about the PS4 announcement on 20th Feb 2013 was that we didn't actually see the console, or get loads of tech details about it. Yes, we saw the controller, and a glimpse of the twin camera system that is the upgrade to the 'Eye' technology, but... Continue reading
Posted Feb 21, 2013 at Just Another Geek
Today I have been rediscovering the genius of Joss Whedon. Not that it really needed rediscovering, mind you. After all, last year he crafted possibly the best comic book movie to date (yeah, all you Batfans can go suck a chode - Avengers was perfect comic book, whilst Batman was... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2013 at Just Another Geek
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Jan 7, 2013
QUICK UPDATE: The person who was the subject of the rant has explained that they didn't delete it, but thinks it may have been an accidental thing (through the iphone app - we ifolk all know the risks of accidentally swiping on that app) Therefore, to him, I say - no worries :) But, all the other facts still stand :p
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2012 on Debate, don't delete! at Just Another Geek
There are rumours that there are around 300 verses of that song these days, with more added from time to time. It is kind of an anthem of Liverpool, and there are also variations of some verses from one part of the city to the other. Heres a few more for you (the first obviously crafted by a toffee) "Over at Anfield the shirts they are red. And the players play football as though they were dead. While over at Goodison the shirts they are blue, and the football they play is fantastic to view. If it's football you're wanting, the team at the top, is the team that they're singing about in the Kop; this city has got two great teams it deserves; Liverpool ... First Team, and Liverpool Reserves. I took a walk along Lime Street one day, I saw a "Young lady" a-heading my way; "Have you got the right time, love", says I to the lass, She said, "I've got the time, Jack, if you've got the brass." Walton Gaol is the place for a quiet week-end. Climb over the wall, and you'll meet all your friends. You can sit and watch telly, drink whisky and beer and chalk on the prison walls; "Kilroy was here". We've got wide open spaces like the Wavertree Park, where it's unsafe by daylight and more so by dark We've got places of culture like Dingle and Speke, where they play "tick" with hatchets, and fight with their feet. We've got romantic places like the Cast-Iron Shore, where you can find someone else's back door, We had John, we had George, Ringo and Paul, the Liverpool Spinners, and the St George's Hall. When my last whistle blows & the "Ref Up There" says; "You've supped your last Guinness,lad, it's the end of your days," Take my ashes to Old Trafford and spread them around, and they won't win a match while I'm haunting the ground. "
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2012 on Day 12 - Place of birth at Just Another Geek
Talk About Your Idol and how the Influence You My instant reaction when I saw this challenge crop up was that I don't have an idol. After a bit of thought I have come to the conclusion that I definitely don't have an idol....I have many. Each and every one... Continue reading
Posted Mar 20, 2012 at Just Another Geek
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Mar 20, 2012
Day 1 - your favorite picture of yourself and one interesting fact for every year you’ve been alive. I was born in Liverpool My earliest vivid memory is of watching Star Wars at the cinema I have an extensive comic book collection I am pretty good at mathematics I am... Continue reading
Posted Mar 15, 2012 at Just Another Geek
It is 11 years since we were blessed with our first child. In a few weeks it will be 11 years since we lost her. Her name was Anastasia Louise Milner-Meakin, and you can read all about her over at THIS WEBSITE (go on, it opens in a new window).... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2012 at Just Another Geek
Sorry, forgot to add (in response to the picture of the status update) "Add to that the fact that Ramadan (please note the spelling) was a couple of months ago (August to be precise), and the prayers are five times per day not six. Oh, and at the end of the fasting period the celebration of Eid-Al-Fitr is celebrated (with only 2 prayers on those days). At no point do people wish anyone a 'happy ramadan' over any of that period (it would be like saying Happy Lent by comparison). Hey, but why let facts get in the way of an ignorant rant. Nothing beats ignorance of other beliefs like a Christian rant! Strange how I could ask folk of every religion what Christmas represents, and they would all know - yet good old 'peace and love to all' Christians choose ignorance over enlightenment."
Once more it is the season to be jolly - and in some cases it is the season to be jolly-well ignorant, and totally gullible! Yes, the age old favourites are back once more. They are banning Christmas! We have to say "Happy Holidays" Santa is banned! No Christmas trees... Continue reading
Posted Nov 25, 2011 at Just Another Geek
Just because you deleted the comments does not mean you can hid e the criticisms of your beloved obsession. I love the new status scroller on facebook....retains so much past info :) Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2011 at Just Another Geek
A quick heads up to my one follower to say that my movie reviews site has risen from the ashes once more. Admittedly a little sparse on reviews at present (about 20 or so on there as opposed to the thousand or so that I used t0 have), but I... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2011 at Just Another Geek
I have never been much of an Apple fan. Their products, whilst nice and shiny, are generally seriously overpriced, and not as good as many would have you believe. However, Jobs was a forerunner on ideas in the field - even if, in later years, most of those ideas were someone else's just refined upon. However his dedication and passion towards the company he owned was visible throughout. Never a 'back-room' CEO, he was always at the front, pitching ideas, showcasing technology, and showing that he loves tech as much as those who buy his products. He was also crucial in the early years of one of the best animation studios in the world, Pixar. For that I will be eternally grateful. RIP Mr Jobs - you've earned your rest.
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After the stunning 5 part drama that was Children of Earth, we all awaited Torchwood to return. The switch to the US was accepted, after all a better budget could work wonders for the show. The first teases of 'Miracle Day' came around, and boy did it look like a... Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2011 at Just Another Geek
A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Thus boomed the career of one of the heaviest hitters in the world of movies (and by heaviest I mean as in influence and power, not as in ate too many pies). A few words that defined how event... Continue reading
Posted Aug 26, 2011 at Just Another Geek
Even after the cold turkey phase has long gone, and you reach that stage where you no longer need the focus of your additction, there still come the occasional moments where you find yourself almost tempted to begin the filthy habit once more. You know it is a nasty, and... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2011 at Just Another Geek
It's effectively the modern equivalent of, "Said the actress to the Bishop!" and is a bit juvenile, but I just can't help myself from snapping out the retort of, "That's what she said!" Yup, just like Michael Scott in the US version of The Office, I love the double entendre.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2011 at Just Another Geek
And so it was, that on that note, I decided that posting any more details on behavioural psychology was pointless, as the level of intelligence that I was speaking (posting) to was that of a chimpanzee (and not a green eyes one named Caesar either). Yes, that was the end... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2011 at Just Another Geek
A Facebook buddy linked this video, which watching it just wound me up. I post below my responses that I put on the comments thread for your pleasure... I got as far as him trying to say that "young people feel marginalised" and realised that he is a bit of... Continue reading
Posted Aug 10, 2011 at Just Another Geek