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Good book, read it, Proofiness the Dark Arts of Mathematical Deception", it is all math models and you might want to look at my Algo duping page..lots of videos and be sure to watch the Quant documentary...they do the math models and shift around risk for profit as needs to learn how to model. It is the Attack of the Killer Algorithms... Banks and insurance companies are not much more than big software companies that control money and access while the flawed data keeps getting worse.
This means testing will need to be easier. There is a new test from LifeSaver in development which still needs some additional funding that will allow for a 2 second swipe of the tongue and 2 minute results with the Stik, instead of the 2 full minute swab and 30-40 minutes for results and the same technology is available for alcohol and drug testing. Real easy to do and very inexpensive to produce. I am doing some consulting work for them so wanted to add this disclaimer. There's a full on comparison between both tests and you can see for yourself and again the cost is much less expensive.
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Jul 17, 2012