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Meera Subramanian
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SEJ freelancers Karen Schaefer and Meera Subramanian hosted a beat dinner on the Friday during the conference to share information about how to make the freelance life work, at least a little better. Here's a resource list we ended up with, put together from a variety of sources, including many gleanings from the ever helpful SEJ-Freelance listserv, participant suggestions, places people learned about from Maya Smart, and more. It's by no means exhaustive, and possibly redundant to other resource lists out there, but we wanted to share it in case it helps even one floundering freelance soul out there. Feel... Continue reading
Dear Zach -- Thanks for this piece, and attending. I regularly use Google Scholar as a starting point to find scientific papers, but wonder if you have tips on how best to access the ones that are subscription based when you want to see more than the abstract. Going to the public library and writing the authors are what I usually do now. Thanks! ~Meera
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A grateful 20-20-20 fellowship recipient, I arrived early in Missoula to take the Wednesday video workshop. On Thursday, I headed out to Flathead Lake with my Nikon D90 (but, sorry, no tripod), and on Saturday afternoon, turned the footage into this, my very first video. Continue reading
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Oct 13, 2010