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Nerdy opinionated Canadian glamour-tomboy
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I can't partake in the frosty beverage, but I can certainly swing by for a quick squeeze... ;-)
wow.. sorry about the blog entry up there. Didn't look that long before I hit post... oops!
yo, P-dog *poses, gives gang sign, punches knuckles* it's ok, we up here in Canuckistan have become increasingly adept at finding illegal streams thanks to the increasingly super secret coverage of IndyCar over the last few years... hehe. (oh, and no one would ever DARE considering messing with our hockey coverage... just sayin... ) Whether or not you agree or disagree with the calls in LB, perception is everything! We saw replay after replay of Helio taking out drivers like he was a bowling ball and they the pins, in fact one was in the EXACT spot as Tracy's "alleged" punt of Simona. I say alleged, as we out here in NONEOFYOURBUSINESSville only saw the aftermath of that, and NEVER the cause, yet that was the incident deemed worth of a penalty, while Helio's rampage of destruction only sent him to the corner of Mr. Penske's office for a stern talking to. You can understand why then, even if Tracy is not your horse in this race, why you would be a little... perplexed by the officiating. So I agree with you on all accounts above. GET AHEAD OF THE MESSAGE! Don't wait until everyone is convulsing on the floor, frothing at the mouth over [ insert controversy du jour here ] Full disclosure. Full Transparency. They (the proverbial they) need to realize that the 109 of us diehards *grin* have been through so much shite over the last decade. We have been lie to, betrayed, tossed under the bus, dragged through the mud, maligned, watched our series implode, split up, grow, die, implode again, get glued together in psuedomergification, gasping for air for each season since while drivers, events & sponsors appear and disappear, and yet, we're still here, ever faithful like an abused spouse in denial. And while "they" are focused on getting "new fans", they might want to consider that we "seasoned" fans are a smart bunch. We recognize lipstick on a pig when we see it. We are also some of the strongest voices out here. You want new fans? We're the ones that are going to help you get them, but only if we still believe the product is worth fighting for. We're still here... but there are a lot of shiny objects floating around, that are WAY less exhausting and frustrating to play with.
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Apr 22, 2011