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And, I pinned Mazzy's outfit to Pinterest because the Flamingo skirt might be the very NEXT thing on my list. Can Mazzy verify its 'twirl factor'?
Perfect timing, I received my Miniboden catalog last night and the Twirly Skirt in Lilac is basically a need for my daughter who only wears 'twirly' things. LOVE this brand and already liked both y'all on Facebook a looooong time ago.
My almost 4 year old is writing her own name on her papers at school...which is even more upsetting once I look at all the sweet little baby milestones in the comments.
Lady, this exact thing is happening in our world. My Ev is three years old and she goes back and forth between 'only Momma' and 'No, I don't want you!' multiple times in a week. This weekend, her grandparents were visiting and extremely eager to spend time with her and of course, she was in clinging to Momma hyperdrive. But last night, refused to give me a hug and kiss and wouldn't let me put her to bed and insisted Daddy do it. I am the full time working the demanding job parent and often, Daddy has to take over. I am also more likely to be the one who adheres to schedule, limits TV, enforces 'time out' and listening and manners. Sigh. But honestly, I think our strong willed ladies are also going through a need to establish themselves as seperate entities. I try to remember what she is seeing from her peers at school and also, that she wants to test who she is as an individual. I can only imagine that adding the "You are the big girl now" dynamic with a new baby would emphasize this identity confusion further. And...I imagine we will be figuring this struggle out well into their college years. Stay strong Momma.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2013 on 4 Reasons My Daughter Hates Me at Mommy Shorts
"Everything I Know About Parenting, I Learned from Google."
I live in Florida in protest of winter in general, but if forced into a snowy climate my favorite winter activity is cozying up inside with a blanket, hot coffee, and a good book. (I have a three year old so that should happen again in approximately 15 years)
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2013 on Cupcakes, Cookies and Vaseline at Mommy Shorts
My daughter's birthday and Christmas are a month apart and her "friend party" is right in between. So she will be receiving a steady flow of presents for about 30 days. We are all worried about her psychological state come January. This would be a great gift to help wean her off... Everly's set would be the girliest ever: pink sparkly Toms (the only shoes she has worn for well over a year), a tutu, tiara, and wand (basic accessories for around the house and out of the house if she can convince me), her pink blanket and a Sleeping Beauty doll. Love. I wish I had the Twitter so I could tweet. Can I share on FB?
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2012 on Mazzy's Mini-Me (Giveaway) at Mommy Shorts
The HuffPo commentary was funnier than the actual contest (and that is saying something). So, the kids are all poorly named children who are being exploited and not having their basic needs met? Also, they are all Republican and evil is a horrible word to call children unless you mean 'all children are evil' in which case, fine. Internet commentary says so much more about the commenter, than the subject they are commenting on, more often than not. (Which is a weird observation to make in a head is spinning a little now.)
Lil D, Kadence, Liam, and Bee
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2012 on Evil Baby Glare-Off 2012: Round 1 at Mommy Shorts
I am a FB fan and already even an ORECK fan. It is sad that I am wanting this more than say, shoes, or a purse, or anything I would have wanted pre-toddler. My sweet one (whose M.O. is to make a mess and then get hysterically upset about the fact it I am both cleaning and COMFORTING the perpetrator!)pulled a bottle of soy sauce out of the fridge while I was cooking, ran through our living room with it and began to 'paint' with it on the walls. Soy sauce is REALLY hard to get out of things like carpets. FYI.
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2012 on Have Messy Kids Met Their Match? at Mommy Shorts
Oh I am honored to be nominated and I am ridiculously competitive; winning this would be a nice "see the rest of the world thinks this is ridiculous" since the Momma thinks this was a perfectly efficient decision. I am just going to keep the immediate peace by not flaunting it to all our friends and family via Facebook. I don't think the Momma is internet savvy enough to find this site..her loss (on any day but today,)
Dear Mommy Shorts fans, To add insult to injury, I can't even share the honor of my nomination via social networking as my Mom (yes, we still speak!), stepsisters, etc are Facebook friends. I have to win this solely on anonymous recognition. If I do win, I will frame this post for my (our?) five year anniversary as ultimate validation. Or, for my therapist. Whichever. Megan
After copious amounts of therapy, I am able to submit the Most. Horrifying. Wedding. Incident. Ever: My Mother decided in lieu of performing the traditional doting 'mother of the bride' role, she would just go ahead and get married herself. The day before. Husband #3 to be specific. Crazier still, she had planned this. Like brought her own dress, shoes, etc. She even sent out her own wedding announcements. Their argument was that it was very difficult for new Husband to take time off work and since we were in Las Vegas (destination wedding mind you: NOT spontaneous ceremony performed by Elvis on our part...); why not? To keep me from completely freaking my freak, my brother and friends chose to ignore the whole side show and let my husband and I have our day. Four years later, she still thinks this was entirely acceptable behavior. Please validate me here, just no right?
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