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Yes. Best tea ever. I miss Berry Blossom White. ^_^
We haven't been told anything about this yet. I only found out recently because there were "new buttons" on the register, and I asked the manager. I've yet to make one, taste one, or even see one. So, until then, I'm optomistic. Especially about the lack of aftertaste and the Stevia. I'm allergic to Splenda, Sweet&Low, and the like. And so are lots of our customers.
Is Jamba Juice a Northern thing? I've never heard of it besides a comedy movie and here.
I agree with the policy, it's been there for a while. But, I am just a little worried. We had a (my guess, crazy) lady come in the other day, and tell us she could point a gun at our faces, and we couldn't do anything about it. We basiclly told her that it was against Texas law, and that cops com in there all the time. But if she really wanted to come in there and shoot us all, a sign would not stop her. I agree with the policy of leaving it to the law. But you can't keep out the crazies.
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Mar 26, 2010