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Megan Oltman
Interests: Writing, reading, hiking, gardening, sewing, dance, singing, music, hanging out having deep and intense conversations, also silly fun ones, oh and laughing, that's a major interest of mine!
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What a great question! I feel more responsible to deliver good value as my fee gets higher, and I have certainly noticed that clients who come in with a discount of one kind or another are crankier, more suspicious, and less trusting than the ones paying full price. A colleague of mine used to have a policy of never seeing new clients for a same-day appointment, as they tended to be (in her experience) highly demanding and unreasonable. Seems like a related concept to me. Megan Oltman
What a great discussion of the problem, Bill. I am one of those people who will rest with a 6-7 because I know if I try to move around it will become a 9-10. But then my pain severity level does not seem to match my level of impairment. It seems like you may be on the track of a better way to measure!
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2010 on Disability, Impact and Migraine at AHDA HeadNotes
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Wonderfully well said, Ann. Prejudice and rigid definitions of how we are allowed to be, look, act and feel, harm all of us, all the time. Thank you for doing the work you do and expressing it so clearly.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2008 on Whose movement is this? at RMNBlog
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Amen to that Teri! Thanks for being a stand for integrity in our world. You share your work generously and deserve to have credit for it and traffic from it!
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Teri - Thanks for all the work of putting this together and keeping everyone informed! I will be signing up for updates and will pass on to friends and family. Blessings! - Megs
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