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a) Denver, CO (until August when we move to Columbia, MO) b)2 boys, one 3 y.o and the other 4 months c) I am a SAHM and my husband is a student (moving to MO to start his PhD). My husband wakes up really early for his current job (3:30am!) so usually he isn't around in the mornings. We generally wake up at 7 and go go go from there, the 3 y.o has too much energy. We live in a small home, around 800 sq.ft. which is small for the area.
Have you tried eliminating food from your diet? It may help with the digestion. Dairy is often a culprit. Also during the day you may need to shorten her naps or keep her awake at longer periods of time, with bright lights. Signifying it is daytime, or awake time. Then at night make sure it is really dark (or darker). Also maybe she just needs to grunt it out on her own, if she isn't crying maybe leave her there for a bit longer in the bassinet? Hope you find a plan that works.
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2012 on The Babymoon is Over at Mommy Shorts
Hilarious! It is always good finding new friends that get your humor. It makes life better and more enjoyable.
I am one of those Chiefs fans, and unfortunately I can't help it since that is where I grew up. But hopefully Leland can win this contest by being the grumpy Chiefs fan!
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2012 on The Road to the Baby Bowl at Mommy Shorts
What a busy year! I really love that photo of the three of you. I think more candid photos show so much more than perfect photos.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2011 on Mommy Shorts 2011 Recap at Mommy Shorts
I laughed for the entire reading of the this post. That is all I have.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2011 on And the Holidays Officially Begin at Mommy Shorts
That is impressive! Most two year olds are hard to understand when they speak.
I really don't get the Elf on the Shelf thing myself. I had never heard of it until this year, maybe because I didn't follow blogs last year? It is a bit out of hand in my opinion. But the inappropriate Elf on the Shelf is my style. Too funny.
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Dec 19, 2011