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A same-sex "orientation" can lead to temptation and lust, just as an opposite-sex "orientation" can. For a "straight" person, the solution to lust is not to give in to lust — nor is it to rid oneself of all sexual attraction altogether. Rather, with any sexual desire, our response is to rely on God to help us *steward* our sexuality in a way that honors God. If we're single, we must abstain from sexual activity altogether. If we are married, we must abstain from sexual activity *except* with our opposite-sex spouse as a married person. Why? Because the image of God is reflected best when two equal but diverse parts come together as one in absolute commitment and surrender. When Exodus was around, the question many people were asking was, "Can a gay person become straight?" I honestly think this is the wrong question to ask. Our solution to address sin in Christianity has NEVER been to rid ourselves 100% of temptation. Not even Jesus did this. Of course, we do not *lead* ourselves into temptation by putting ourselves in weak situations and mindsets. Some temptation is preventable and, like an alcoholism recovery, can be reduced over time. This is worthy of pursuit. But I think we can offer much freedom to a friend who experiences same-sex attraction by letting him know he is not freak or a failure for still being tempted by homosexual lust. Nor is a person a failure for lacking attraction to the opposite sex. This attraction can grow over time, just as same-sex attraction can decrease. But we must refrain from telling our brothers and sisters who struggle with same-sex attraction that they are less of a Christian because they don't lust in the same way we do, or because they are seriously considering a life without marriage. As Christians, we must begin to acquire the mindset that a same-sex attracted person may very well be our brother or sister in Christ who is secretly dealing with same-sex attraction alone. (S)he may be a *potential* brother or sister in Christ, who would gladly surrender his/her attractions to Jesus if we could just show him/her how the gospel really IS good news to them because they get to spend the rest of their life with Jesus! Either way, our same-sex attracted friends are people whom Jesus does not define or limit because of their temptations — each one is someone who is "fearfully and wonderfully made" — and who can be set free from the bondage of every sin and curse and condemnation of man by the precious blood of Christ. We're all in this freedom thing together... let's be patient with one another, bearing with one another in love.
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Sep 15, 2015