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I made the kimono pajamas for my little girl on the way this weekend and they are beautiful! I used to sew a bit in college but just decided to get a new sewing machine for baby stuff and I can't wait to make more things from this book! I thought the pattern was pretty straight-forward and will use again. I also photo copied the patterns so I could cut them out in the different sizes.
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2009 on Amy Butler's Little Stitches at domicile
I made this tonight - wonderful and fresh! A few changes though, I did not have green garlic so I used fresh garlic chives and a bit of minced garlic, with a bit of ginger and a thai bird chili (my fiance is a heat nut). I also had some asparagus on hand and blanched and threw that in, too. I love your site, and I hope you add more recipe ideas!
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Pim, Thank you for finally demystifying a recipe a have spent hours searching for! There are no good thai restaurants close by our home and we have taken things into our own hands. This was delicious! Is pad kee mao made similarly? Or are there other types of sauces or seasonings involved? Thank you!
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2008 on Pad See Ew for beginners at chez pim
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