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Thank you so much for writing this! I failed my one hour glucose and have the 3 hour test on Friday. I am feeling so much anxiety and even ashamed that I might have GD (should have eaten less ice cream and exercised more!!!). But you make it seem like it is not that big of a deal and something that can be managed with yummy foods! I will feel less apprehensive now going into my 3 hour test. If I have GD, so be it, I can handle it-- as you said, this is life and we rise to the challenge!
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I just came onto the web to look up myofascial release as my massage therapist just used it in a session. I'll tell you what, I feel better than I have in YEARS after one session of "MFR." years of anxiety and stress caused me to have so much physical tension in my body. I have been to physical therapy and that helped (electric stimulating) as well but only in the short term... Surprisingly MFR felt a lot like that- tingly and relaxing. I think you have to find out what works best for you as an individual and hope anyone who comes across this site will make their own decision based on their own needs!
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Sep 1, 2011