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Yes, I use Certo liquid pectin. I've only done it once, and I basically looked at the amount of sugar and fruit, which was approximately half of a Certo recipe, and so halved the amount of pectin called for. Unscientific for sure, but jam set. I'm sure with more experimentation you could get it to be pretty accurate. I'm curious, if you don't usually use pectin, what do you do? Just jam fruit with its own high pectin? I tried one of her recipes that didn't call for additional green apple jelly (Balsamic and Strawberry, I believe) and though I boiled and everything according to her direction, my jam didn't set properly. Maybe the liquid pectin is a crutch but I like the security! :)
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Really?! I've never seen them before. Where are they sold in NYC?
Does that mean the baby's name will be Jö?
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