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John - Let's grab the imperative and run with it. This then becomes the wonderful opportunity for thinking about what we want as humans, that the current economy does not provide for. Here are some examples of goals we could set and work out how to incent engagement and participation. And this would not necessarily be just as volunteers. (1) 1. More fulfilling lives. More fulfilled lives. Where people of all generations have a right to a sense of purpose right up to their dying breathe. 2. Learning how to go about achieving #1 - in education, in social services, in environmental and transportation and housing planning, 3. Acquiring skills that make us more emotionally intelligent and socially intelligent, so we can collaborate together with more joy and less angst to learn how to make progress in #2 4. Working out how communities can distinguish themselves at something (like an Olympics for communities instead of individuals - think about what a breakthrough it was to have the original Olympics provide an alternative to wars for gaining admiration and social kudos for physical prowess. We need the next breakthrough for communities/tribes for showing off community prowess) So that as we do #1,2,3, communities can look at each other and say 'how did they do that?" just like soccer teams look at the teams who beat them and work out how to not be beaten next time. 5. Working out what is important to us as humans - and how to measure it, and how to get better at "taking care" of what is important to us. I brought this up at the SVFI4J event where John Hagel spoke last week: We focus on what we measure, and now we find that we don't measure what matters to us, than we should not be surprised that we don't improve what matters to us. Like the quality of our lives, how much where and how we live, contributes to our thriving or suffering. (1) We value the tracking of 'usage patterns" (eg browsers, mobile phones) because it helps businesses understand how to create value. There might be ways to have constant experiments that people could participate in on an opt in basis and receive compensation for. Each action might warrant a micro payment. Participants who are adaptive and quick learners could be highly sought after as pioneers in value creation.
Dear Paul I am grateful for your existence - that someone who writes a post like this exists, is like a miracle. We have access to tools that connect people together in so many ways, we have the possibility to aspire to do something together. By this post, you are reminding us that it is "Back to the Future" - humankind has had to grapple with these dilemmas over and over again - and Roger Bacon has set out principles back in the 13th century which are highly relevant to us today. You have done us the service of reminding us of Roger Bacon's well-founded thinking on human engagement for the long term -by setting the stage for the Enlightenment and an 800 year journey that has led us to today. May we be worthy of all we have inherited - and in the next 1,000 generations, by our choices today, humans will continue to thrive.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2014 on Life's Philosophy; Science's Purpose at PGreenblog
Congratulations, you have written a "tipping point" article.... the term Customer-Centric Capitlism has a great ring to it. There has been so much talk over the years about Customer Centricity especially in the technology world of "CRM" or customer relationship management. Those of us in the field have watched what started out as lip-service to customer centricity, emerge as the aligning sense of purpose that could bring people together to overcome challenges and work together through conflict and obstacles.... to the benefit of the larger organization. BUT only if the organization took the care to nurture this spirit. In all too many cases, it died on the vine, as short term bonus-driven behavior took back the steering wheel... the crazy world of Dilbert. By taking it all the way to the underlying system of capitalism, amplifying the reach of the term: Customer Centric Capitalism Martin and Wladawsky have done the world a great service and brought the heart back to business. Thank you both!
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May 25, 2010