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Yes, the Jesus De Pantera suggestion... I think (like a lot of other things in the book)it is based on myth... Time travel?? If the 'laws of god' are not the 10 commandments but are the physical laws that all things live and exist by; then Jesus, in the form he is reported to have existed - walking on water, broke a number of laws of physics (surface tension etc.). Breaking his supposed father's laws could be construed as him being a disobedient child.... and therefore subject to the laws and consequences in Leviticus.... or am I being silly?
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As a skeptic, I pay no heed to the 'religious significance' of the time. Specifically as it relates to the Christian story. In fact I find the story itself rather problematic. Mary, supposedly a virgin, is visited by an angel who tells her she is pregnant by god, news which surprises Mary. This in itself is a problem, for clearly the insemination appears to have been non-consensual. Mary is therefore a victim of an assault, that may actually be construed as rape. Christians invoke god by saying things like god the father, god the son... this clearly suggests incest. If Jesus is god, then Jesus as god may have raped Mary for god as Jesus to be born - send that one to the DNA lab!! Hold on a moment!! The child Jesus was not the product of both parents within the legal marriage. Mary was (supposedly) married to Joseph, but Joseph was not Jesus' father. Was Jesus a bastard?
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Dec 20, 2010