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regardless of the game's design or inferred/explicit ideological imperatives, the player is always in a position to transgress. while they may not advance in the game by doing so this doesn't = failure of transgression. the transgression is also a game layer for that player. our culture rewards those who play the dominant hegemony game well but those who resist it often do so via mastering its tools. post colonial literature is a good example of this. as many post colonial scholars argue, using the language of the oppressor (English) to tell stories about oppression is to take the tools of oppression and put them to another use. I can pvp in warcraft and camp graveyards, playing some sort of dirty, survival of the fittest logic. or I can work as part of a team, follow the rules set for honourable battle and enjoy a match of skills. I can choose to give my buffs to other guildies, friends or pug groups or I can drop a buff on a lower level player who might benefit (as I would) from this show of cooperation and community. We can model whatever values we wish in these games. as a teacher, I model the kind of gameplay and behaviour I'd like to see in others (it works in the classroom - and quite often - works in a pug group or a BG).
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Feb 23, 2011