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Melinda Cooper
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Following on from Eric Schleisser's post, some might be interested in what's happening at the Bank of England, where regulators have for some time been working with complex systems theorists from the natural sciences to develop new models of financial regulation. This article was published by Andrew G. Haldane (Head... Continue reading
FRANCIS FOX PIVEN - BECK - MILTON FRIEDMAN - For anyone who has been following Glenn Beck's weird obsession with Francis Fox Piven, here is a very interesting video clip of Piven in conversation with Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell in 1980. Continue reading
'The Four Horsemen of the Teapocalypse' Economist Brad DeLong has an interesting take on the Austrian provenance of austerity politics (depression as a bracing constitutional, destructive yet invigoratingly creative) which strangely ends up making monetarism look sane. Interesting piece nevertheless - I especially like the insights into the role of Mellon during the Great Depression. Mellon who famously remarked that in a depression property returns to its rightful owners - I meditate upon this in light of the current confusion around property rights caused by dodgy title transfers in the mortgage securitization process. Trespass returns to the non-owners. Continue reading
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Sep 9, 2010