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Amanda, I completely agree with you! Car commercials are usually huge during the super bowl. Even though we picked different favorites for super bowl commercials, we both picked similar commercials. You picked the commercial about Chevy Camaro, while I would obviously pick the commercial about the VW. Both commercials could attract a large audience ranging in all different viewers. Each of the cars in real life are very nice and are a large seller. I completely agree with you when your discussing the Teleflora commercial. I almost hate that commercial because of the words it uses. If the commercial used different words the commercial would have been better. However, because of the improper words they used, I think that the commercial is just wrong.
Every Year people tone into the super bowl sometimes to watch the game, but sometimes to watch the commericals. Ad agencies believe that since millions of people watch the superbowl, the best time to place their ads is during the superbowl. However, with the good ads comes the bad ads.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
Natasha! You make many good points, both when you agree with article and when you disagree with the article. Congrats that you got scholarships and you were able to get amazing packages from schools! Money does play a major role in deciding which school we are going to be attending this upcoming fall. Money should not also be the only factor, but it has very often become the deciding factor. What should really matter is the idea of which school offers the best classes for the field that we are going into. For example, I was given almost a free ride to a school in Penn, but because they did not offer everything I wanted, I picked MCPHS. I know that going to MCPHS is going to be very expensive, but money is not my deciding factor. The whole idea of college is stressful alone. However, the stress does continue to grow as we decide to start looking at schools, and which schools to apply to. While we wait for those letters to come, no matter via the mail or email, the stress continues to build. While some letters come back and upset us, there will be some that will make us happy. The stress will not end there, the stress will continue until we are finally moved into the college of our choice in the following fall. BUT THAN, we become stressed out with maintaining a certain GPA and hope that we do not get asked to leave the school. The stress finally ends when we get the diploma.
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As the economy has become worse and worse every year, the struggle for people to succeseed has also become worse. While parents are having children, they realize that they need to make sure they get the best for their children. Parents are stressing to get their children even into good... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
As the economy has become worse and worse every year, the struggle for people to succeseed has also become worse. While parents are having children, they realize that they need to make sure they get the best for their children. Parents are stressing to get their children even into good... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
In my personal opinion, I believe that every single person in one way or any there is a hero to someone else. Every single mom is a hero to their children, and every father is a hero to his children. Every single soldier fighting for both their life and the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
Aaron, your blog was both interesting and very correct. Your blog was different from most, it used words that caught my eye and made me want to read more, but yet was very informative. There are in-fact many different words that you could use when describing how teenagers and adults are today. I would have never thought about having children take courses such as these in middle schools. Throughout every history class, as the years go on there will always be something that is left out. However, because most students do have history for a number of years the key facts will somehow always be taught in one way or another. SO i agree with you. "Economics is overlooked in our history classes." Economics are in our lives everyday, but yet we do not really know about them. In my mind, we should be taught the basics to understand what the economics of life are so we can truly understand history and life itself to even greater extent. I personally never learned about currency and how it worked. I had to learn it out of school for me to understand it and to learn it. High school students should learn about to stock market and understand how to invest their money. They should also learn, about loans and everything they will need for both college and for life after college. You took this blog as something not so serious and make every point serious and come across, great job yo!
I believe that there is not a true way of preparing a person fully for the financial issues they may incounter. However, there should be ways that they can prepare for some of these issues. Some people, even older people, do not know how to balance a checkbook. When going... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
Your completely right, and I can not believe that I'm saying that. You mention a few different times in American History that I did not even remember America getting involved, such as the Korean Conflict or the Great War. You also state that the United States is funding other countries and helping them. When you stated all the facts about the United States helping Japan it is actually quite believable. The United States has always gone out of their way to help other countries, so with this recent problems that are going on, a person could only assume that the United States would become involved with other countries, especially those that we depended upon greatly. You state that Japan is "a rich country and the world's largest creditor", is it possible that if we help them in recovering, will they remain with this title, or is there a possibility that these jobs and these factories are going to the United States. The possibility of this happening could be very likely and would help the American economy greatly.Tax dollars should remain in those that are giving their money, this money should stay in the hands that give it. The United States can not prevent a catastrophe, but rather prepare for the worst.
America has always become involved with other countries from the start of time. During the early days America was even envolved with their mother country, Great Britain. Whether America was just trying to get their freedom, or they were trying to help the Great Britain to become a stronger nation... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
Katherine, I totally agree with you. Even though I was an idiot and did this blog just about two weeks before it was due I can actually remember what Doyle believed. Not only can I remember what he said, but I always made my mom read this article. While thinking about this blog and talking to my mom, a few major points came up, that you would also point. You mention the No Child Left Behind Act. This act would help children stay children. However, it would cause more trouble later on in life. If this act is to stay in action, in the long run it would harm every tax payer. It is the tax payers that are paying for these children to go to school and to gain an education.Very often people have to pay very high taxes, and because of that they have to get another job or find a different means of income. Trying to keep a steady income and provide all the needs to children is very difficult and stressful itself. Additionally, there are questions that should be answered. If a parent does not have a child in public school, should they be allowed a tax break, or should they continue to pay for someone else's child to go to school? Doyle proves many good points, however, there are also points like these that are needed to be clearified.
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Similarly, I did pick the Ipad. However, once ready your article I realize that I should have read and did more research. Inventions today should not be able what they can do to make us happy, but rather what they can do to improve the lives that we have. And this is exactly what the eye did. Inventions in todays world should benefit every aspect of life, and work to continue to improve the things that are imperfect. You state "Technology will continue to grow each and every year and I cannot wait to see what will be around 20 years from now." What do you believe is going to come? Do you thin you will have a say in what is being developed? or are we just going to be quite Americans and sit back and watch everything be done.
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2011 on Inventions at Casey Levesque's blog
In today's society, we see a great deal of inventions, both good and bad. In my opinion, and possibly the opinion of many others, I would say that the Ipad by Apple, is one of the most thoughtful and useful. The Ipad has many purposes, for business and for pleasure.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 5, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
I do believe that Christopher L. Doyle has a great deal of valid points. I also totally agree with him. As our parents tell us stories of their childhood, we already know that things are totally different. He says that "When we were in elementary school, we got on our... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
Mr. Richtmyer, you truly are one smart person. When talking to you, a person can realize how intellectual you really are. I would have assumed that your favorite toy would not have been a typical toy, such as a G.I. Joe, racing cars, or even the wrestling dolls. But rather your favorite toy be something more educational, and in-fact it was. Your favorite toy, Legos, are a "building block." They help a child develop a great deal of intelligence and thinking skills. As children play with dolls and improve their imagination skills, you also did that. Assuming that when you played with your Legos, you made houses and created another life, it would be obvious that you did in fact create a stronger imagination. While doing this, you had to use logic, you realized how pieces went together and how things could be created. When you were a child you found what makes you happy, you put pieces together to see how it works. Your absolutely amazing with computers, and you want to go to school for computers and do it for a profession. I think because you played with Legos and not G.I. Joe, you might have pushed yourself towards a better life and a more productive life.
Growing up I had many toys, however, there would be some that I would always remember. When thinking about this post I went and asked my mom what my favorite toy was and what happened to it. She told me that I had a blanket that I would take everywhere... Continue reading
Posted Feb 18, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
Your point saying that teachers need to do their jobs is quite accurate. Teachers need to treat each student as an individual, and not as an athlete. You say that teachers should grade student by their work and their participation. You also say that students besides athletes are not getting special privileges, when they have other obligations too. A good number of students do work or have family obligations. Giving students the grade they want just because they are athlete is simply crazy. Your example of the employer is perfect. If an employer was to give an employee money just or going to work and getting paid to stand there. When these students go to school, they are in-fact just standing there. If students are just standing there and not participating, how will they get the grade they truly deserve. You close by proving an excellent point. If they can not handle the classes they are in now, why not take less classes or even take classes at a lower level. These students need to admit that they are unable to take these classes and they should take the classes that would help their education and not help their resume look better.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2011 on Athletes at Natasha Khoury's blog
Many colleges are known today for being known for their athethics and not for their acdemics. Colleges will often give special treatment to their student athletes. For example, Alabama Crimson'tide is a college that focuses around football. They will very often "help" their student athetics to pass a class and... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
Casey you prove many good points. Teachers need to enjoy the subject they teach and put time and effort into that subject. A good teacher needs to have a positive attitude both towards the material they are teaching but also the student they are teaching. I think I know exactly who your talking about when you talk about a teacher who you can always go to, and she is an excellent teacher. I wish we had more teachers like her. The best teachers are those that will go to ever limit and help the students to excel. Teachers need to be willing to help us help ourself. A bad teacher is in fact a teacher who barely give tests, quizzes, and doesn't give homework grades. Even checking the homework to make sure we did it would be more helpful than what some of the teachers are doing. When teachers check homework, it reassures that we understand the material and that we are able to pass the class and are ready to take an exam and eventually more onto college. "Nobody wants to communicate and listen to a crabby teacher." is absolutely perfect. As students we do need a teacher that will communicate with us, and not just try and pass us along.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2011 on Teachers at Casey Levesque's blog
Over the years, I have in fact, had a mixture of all different types of teachers. Some were absolutely horrible; where I would learn nothing, and then there were others were everyday I would learn something new. There would also be days where of course I didn’t want to learn,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
Aubrey, your opening paragraph and mine are almost exactly the same. We both agree that the media does display tend to display what celebrities do wrong more often then what they do right. However, you do make one point that i did not even think about when i was writing mine. You say that celebrities are good people and are well rounded. Tyra Banks is also very forgotten about, she seems to be one of those celebrities today who have faded into the background and will only come up when she is being bad mouthed. Tyra does set a very good example for girl. You prove the point that she teaches girls that they do not have to have a certain body image to be happy. you say "She makes people realize things about themselves and always encourages to be better in every way possible." This is what people need in today's world. Especially girls growing up in society trying to become a model. Tyra Banks is a great example for not only females, but also for males. You picked a great celebrity to look up to, because Tyra is barely in the media at all, and when she is it is usually for something good that she is doing or for something people are judging her on. It is clear that Tyra does not let anyone bring her down, but rather make her stronger, this could be in-fact the main reason that she is someone could always look up too.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2011 on Celebrity. at Aubrey Levesque's blog
Growing up, my parents taught me not to idolize any celebrity in the news because they said if the celebrity is in the news, most likely it is not for something good. Most celebrities are being displayed in the media for all the bad things that they are doing, rather... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
Kayla, your introduction paragraph is very insightful. You make a good point when you say that high school students are posting pictures with alcoholic beverage in their hand, and how it will affect them later on life.I never thought about the fact that people are making Facebook at a young age, could really be a reason for why Facebook has so many reasons wrong with it. You state that the sight was meant for College students and not for middle school students, that is exactly true. Facebook has certain standards, however, a person can lie when making their own personal Facebook. A person may be eleven years old and then lie on Facebook and say that they are fifteen so they can make a Facebook. You go on to say, that people are the basically the reason why they are having trouble in the future because of what they post. You close by saying "the best thing to do is to keep what you say to a minimum because your friends have the opportunity to see everything you say and do", if a person is truly your friend they would already know what you are doing, so why even have the need to post it?
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2011 on Facebook at Kayla Ferreira's blog
In today’s society more and more people are on face book. With the greater number of people on face book, the quicker a person’s personal information can be spread through out the world. When posting a “status” most people do not think to block certain people from reading it, by... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2011 at Melissababesxox's blog
You make a very good point saying that "people do not buy Barbie dolls to be materialistic or to mean anything untoward." Many people buy children a Barbie doll because they had Barbie dolls themselves when they were kids, so they want to carry on the tradition. Barbie dolls are not meant to have an impact on a child's mind, but they do. They teach children that they need to look like her, have the things she has to really be happy. You mention that the article saying that the clothing is not suitable for children, then why should adults even buy them? or why should they even be put onto the market? Each toy is tested and considered over before a board before they are even put onto the toy market. Therefore each toy item is acceptable for the toy market, but they are still questionable for the child. It is therefore, the parent or guardians decision on if the toy is appropriate for a child. And also their responsibility to teach them that they do not need to look like a Barbie doll or have the fancy things to be happy.
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2011 on Barbie Dolls at Victoria Clithero's blog