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Melissa in SC
Librarian, Singer, Scrapbooker, Mom, Cat-lady
Interests: Scrapbooking and other paper crafting, singing, photography, books, cats and other critters
Recent Activity
I signed up for an online class on phone photography at Big Picture Classes and having been having a wonderful time learning more abut taking photos with my phone. There is a challenge for each day that means lots of practice with using different techniques and apps to get great images. It will never replace the big camera, but it is so handy to have the camera and editing software in my pocket where ever I am. Talk about instant gratification. Here are a few of the shots I've been getting. Continue reading
That's what Michael said when he saw the photo below. I was telling my Mom just the other day about how big this tree had gotten but wanted to show her. Mom, it's huge! And it is loaded with figs so we hope that there is enough for us to get a good harvest, along with whatever the birds and squirrels take. I'm thinking about home made pizza with ham, goat cheese and fresh figs. Yum. Continue reading
The most recent stuff to come from the Attic is photographs. I took a four week photography course last fall and got comfortable with the manual mode at last. That and a prime lens that I probably purchased over a year ago now and learning more about Lightroom (along with some actions from RadLab) has made processing new photos more fun than it had been for a while. I'm also putting those skills to work at work with posts on the Richland Library web site and social media. It is nice when the creative side not only gets to play... Continue reading
Last night my husband and son took me to Longhorn Steakhouse for my birthday and it was just the thing I needed to take my birthday from blah to fun. I followed up with some more creativity time. Why not? It was still light out and I was toying with the idea of the current Page Maps sketch challenge. So I did this: I stuck really closely to the original sketch even to the point of tracing and cutting the label shape by hand. I kind of like the slight uneveness of the shape. I think all of the paper... Continue reading
It has been a long, rough fall and winter. Between my painful shoulder and the cold, nasty weather which led to some very slippery stairs leading to my attic. Yes, I slipped and fell leading to many bruises, not the least of those the bruises on my dignity. Getting up here and doing anything creative was just hard work for a while. I did nibble away a bit more on the December Daily and got some Project life pages done but I feel the need to get back to some more 12x12 page making (and produce a few samples for... Continue reading
The pictures are not very good but you can get the idea. I decided to follow the format that Ali Edwards is using this year: 6x8 in. pages bound with notebook rings. This way I can use the page templates available through Designer Digitals with a minimum of tinkering. Makes it much easier to put pages together whether they are all digi or hybrid. First, the base pages. Creating a base album to add to during the Christmas Season or a busy vacation makes a huge difference in getting the album done. I did the same thing for our first... Continue reading
The past three month have been crazy busy and stressful for me. On top of work and PTO/school board responsibilities, I developed a frozen shoulder. Actually, the therapist says it is probably more accurately described as adhesive capsulitis which just means that it got stuck and wouldn't move around normally. By the beginning of November it was not only quite restricted but it hurt all the time. Even sitting at a desk and typing made it throb so, needless to say it put a real damper on my creative pursuits. Three weeks ago I got a cortisone injection in the... Continue reading
I suppose the laptop, suitably loaded with my digital scrapping templates and other files could be considered the portable attic. I am 1200 miles away from my attic, vacationing in Maine at the top of the hill on the family farm. Hence the "Farm Camp" title. The boys and Syd are occupied with lots of outdoor activities. Before we arrived the kids collected five Monarch caterpillars and put them in a huge jar with some milkweed. They ate for a couple of days and then went onto the crysalis stage. When William and I arrived there were five beautiful green... Continue reading
On Monday, the AC in my attic was repaired and cooling nicely, thank you. On Tuesday I went to work in a building with no AC. It broke 100 degrees all week and in spite of working as quickly as possible, the AC was out until Thursday at noon thirty or so. By that time it was 90+ in the building and no air moving to speak of. Very exhausting, very sweaty and less than pleasant. Now that the AC at work is fixed, I'm at a crop at Sandhills and guess what? No, the AC isn't broken but it... Continue reading
Happily, the AC repair was accomplished yesterday and it is a big improvement. Formerly there was a small pool of relatively cool air in the corner by the window air conditioner. Now the whole place is cool enough to be comfortable. It makes doing something creative now much more appealing. Ironically, the AC at the library is not working today. I wish I were home in my scrap room today and that is not something I would have said last week. LOL. We've been kicking around the idea of replacing the old brown carpet with laminate flooring but I think... Continue reading
This is what happens when PTO responsibilities and the accompanying stress suck all of the creative energy from my body. Said PTO stuff was closely followed by a nasty cold and ghastly hot SC summer weather--also huge energy suckers for me (never mind the creative part, I'm just talking the energy to get out of bed and get dressed here). As a result, very little has come from the attic since March with the exception of a large retirement album for Ginger Shuler. That was a lot of work but it was mostly reproducing the same design thirty some times... Continue reading
Nice video. It's a great idea and very well done. Would love to see some features of new products, with close ups of papers and embellies. Great way to create more buzz.
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Apr 13, 2010
"Getting the Most Out of Your Public Library" for Dummies with chapters like: Ask a Librarian (That's what they're here for) ; Storytime, or, Getting Your Child Ready to Read 101 ; The Web Library, or Getting your Child's Project Research Done from Home--in Your Jammies ; It's not Just Books, or, DVDs, CDs, and Wiis, Oh My!
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Mar 15, 2010
RCPL365 Day 82 Originally uploaded by Melissa in SCThe reveal coming down the escalator to the first floor and the Books and Bayond area near the information desk. Doing a little housekeeping today. The stools were custom made for the library to have the cube shape that you can see clearly in this photo. Continue reading
RCPL365day81 Originally uploaded by Melissa in SCWide open spaces on the second floor. Continue reading
RCPL365 Day 80 Originally uploaded by Melissa in SCI'm looking forward to A(ugusta) Baker's Dozen this year because my son will be one of the fourth grade students participating this year. Story telling fun at the Robert Mills house, A(ugusta) Baker's Dozen is coming up April 23-24. I can't wait! Continue reading
RCPL365 Day 79 Originally uploaded by Melissa in SCOK, I'm behind again. It has bee another crazy busy couple of days here. Time to play catch-up. Yes, it's really Really Rosie, one of the many characters who live in the Children Room. She always makes me smile. Continue reading
RCPL365 Day 78 Originally uploaded by Melissa in SCIt's a big building and one job that never ends is housekeeping. Everyday something is vaccuumed, mopped, dusted or washed. Continue reading
RCPL365 Day 77 Originally uploaded by Melissa in SCArt can be found in the most mundane places. This huge bank of steel drawers hold our microfilm collection and is entirely practical but also a piece of abstract sculpture from the right angle. Continue reading
RCPL365 Day 76 Originally uploaded by Melissa in SCStacks on the second floor on the Assembly Street side of the building. I still love the order and rhythm of book stacks. Continue reading
RCPL365 Day 75 Originally uploaded by Melissa in SCJust having a little fun playing with the globe in the Children's Room and the exposure time settings on the camera. sometimes it feels like my days go by this fast for real. Continue reading
RCPL365 Day 74 Originally uploaded by Melissa in SCI always need to ask for help with these machines. It looks more complicated than it actually is but I never can get it threaded right without a refresher. Continue reading
A few more pictures from my morning photography outing yesterday. Michael wanted to go by Trinity and get a few shots. I'm so glad we did. It looks like it was still snowing in some of these pictures. That was the snow sifting down from the trees. It sometimes felt like it was still snowing as well. The north face of the cathedral was the first to be restored. It is beautiful in the snow here. I'm looking forward to the day when all of the scaffolding comes down and we can see the west facade in all it's glory.... Continue reading